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Thread: RmickeyMouse Videos on You Tube - BCSB Group rides

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    RmickeyMouse Videos on You Tube - BCSB Group rides

    A riding pal sent me a link to these videos, shot on Mullholland. I have ridden it early in the morning first light, less traffic but deer, high level of oncoming ass hattery and lots of enforcement - sort of like S2S before they "fixed" the road. and Air One made so many video stars.

    I have not been on a BCSB group ride, an hour with the BC Beemers, and riding once in the "Love Ride" was enough group riding for my lifetime.

    I was simply amazed at all of the low sides, high sides and generally dumb crashes. I could never understand how the BCSB group rides are such a crash fest year after year, but perhaps now I better understand now how these multiple crash - group rides can happen so often.

    The videos show riders low siding when they are looking down at the road (common mistake it seems), litre bikes tossing riders off like they are horny testosterone filled fullbacks making a mad dash for the cheerleading squad, and even more impressive, the packs of riders all waiting to do a domino low side. Of course a parked CHP cruiser seems to get riders to assume the low side position as well.

    So many corners, so many bad lines at all points in the cornering process, plus weird braking and throttle management. It is actually amazing watching some of these litre bikes go under power too early and then with too much throttle at the rear wheel start to slide a bit, watch the throttle get chopped, and then the rider takes flight. The black and white Honda RR1000 video is a great example of this

    My question, do these video crashes reflect the typical type of BCSB group ride crashes?
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    100% they do, stupid is Universal !!!!

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    He get's paid to capture it, so if you have cameras pointed at the sweeper, 10 hours a day, prob 3 or 4 days a week, and only put up the good stuff, your going to get alot of crash videos on youtube. 50million+ views on youtube is good chunk of ad revenue sharing.

    If it was my job to capture street motorcycle crashes all day, Mullholland would be good hunting ground.

    My question, do these video crashes reflect the typical type of BCSB group ride crashes?
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