Canadians racing AFM
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Thread: Canadians racing AFM

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    Canadians racing AFM

    I'm posting this because I know Adam and Austen will never post anything about themselves, even if they were paid to.

    Adam Robarts raced the entire AFM California season except for the first 2 rounds, and to finish the year, Austen Martin came with and raced at Thunderhill this weekend for the last round. They were the ONLY Canadians at the biggest racing club in North America, and both threw down some wicked times and results.
    Just regarding this last round, Adam wheeled his CBR600 to a 5th/22 riders in 600 Production, 11th/29 riders in 600 Superbike (there are some serious superbikes down there) and 6th/20 riders in 750 Production and 11th/27 riders in 750 Superbike. Not to mention even after missing 2 rounds, he got 12th/75 riders Overall in 600 Prod and 15th/84 riders in 600 SB for the overalls in the 2011 AFM season.

    Austen, having never raced at Thunderhill before, and having ridden there I think a total of maybe 3-4 weekends, got a 16th/29 riders in 600 SB and 14th/27 riders in 750 SB. And this is after starting on the grid in the last row!

    The typical top 3 600cc boys like AMA rider Joey Pascarella, Lenny Hale and Sabastio Ferreira race in the 1:50 to 1:51's. Adam pulled out a fastest time of 1:53.07, and Austen a 1:56:45. Pretty good for Canadian boys! Not to mention any of you WMRC guys that have been down there for schools/trackdays can appreciate how hard it is to even get in the 2:00's!!!
    Anyways, thought I'd give them a little pat on the back, cuz they'll never do this
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    Great job guys!
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    Cool, didn't know we had Canadians racing in Cali. Good on them, lap times are impressive!

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    pretty awesome ,and great on you for doing what i could only dream of.
    way to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tito View Post
    Cool, didn't know we had Canadians racing in Cali. Good on them, lap times are impressive!
    there are a few of us Canadians that run down there.

    thanks for posted the results and keeping us informed.

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    We rolled in to T-Hill Sunday afternoon for the 3 day Star School that started on Monday. Hung out in the pits with the boys and watched a couple races. Austin & Adam did awesome!! Adam made a great pass going into T4 to take 6th in 750 Production. Austin was going really good till he had tranny problems in the last race of the day.
    Have to say I was really itching to be out there racing. Maybe next year.

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    Nicely done fellas!
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