Meanwhile, In Fargo, ND...
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Thread: Meanwhile, In Fargo, ND...

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    Meanwhile, In Fargo, ND...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasein View Post
    Seem familiar?....
    Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Quote Originally Posted by bottomfeeder View Post
    Big shitty balls of shit, that's a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling

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    Just confirmation that, you can put a used car salesman in the british properties, but you can't scrub the stank off him!

    Oh yeah.. Also.. Used car salesman reside on the rung of the social ladder between taxi drivers and pedophiles!!

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    used car salesman + british properties house = doesn't add up

    I fear there might be a lot more of these so called successful businessmen out there living in north van and yaletown, probably ponzi schemers, embezzling their employer, running guns, brothels or drugs to keep up appearances.

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    How about this one?... You heard it on BCSB first....
    Quote Originally Posted by Zug View Post
    Peewee and Kevin from Bayside should get together and start a bike shop called, Fuck you and the bike you rode in on.

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