Need help with JR gear
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Thread: Need help with JR gear

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    Need help with JR gear

    Anyone have a Joe Rocket Speedway jacket (checkers on the upper arms)? I've got one and need to buy some race pants (sliders/armour) that will zip into this jacket. I've been looking at either the bottoms from new highside suit or from the speedmaster set. I'm not sure what to do.......suggestions?

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    I think all the pants come with both the 8in and full circumference zipper so you're pretty safe no matter that JR pant you get.

    If you get any JR pants, the zipper will go round the right way (I think Teknic is reversed to JR). If you get a non JR pant you can just reverse the zipper on the jacket.

    And JR jackets come with the other zipper half so you can put that on the pant, but its easier to replace the jacket zip, since that's sewn into cloth not leather.

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