Front Sprocket up one?
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Thread: Front Sprocket up one?

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    Front Sprocket up one?

    K, i just heard that i can lose a tooth on my front sprocket and not need a new chain, but the speedo will be a little faster than you think. Any comments? any downsides other than easier wheelies? Cause it's cheap and easy and that's how i like my mods.....JUST my MODS.

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    It can put extra wear on the chain by going down 1 tooth up front. Usually if you upgrade one sprocket you have to do them both. cause having your old back srocket and a new front one will wear everything out way faster and maybe even feel clunky while riding. I had an idea though. Why dont you and any other 6R owners and me by a front sprocket together and see what it is like for a couple days than switch it to the next guys bike and so on till every ones tried it. Then it will only work out to 10 or 15 bucks. Cause one tooth down in front is equal to 3 in the back that way if you do it like this you will know if 3 in the back is too much and only go 2. Anyway its only an idea.
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    Ryan, you're right but in this case his bike is pretty much new so it's not really an issue.

    Bluestone, it doesn't matter which end you change the speedo is gonna read wrong either way.

    Ryan's right though in that going to a smaller front sprocket will be a little harder on the chain. Just a guess but I suspect the life will be reduced by 10 or 15 %. If you can live with that then you're fine. But just be aware that your rear axle is going to sit back a little in the adjusters if you do this. No big deal but if your swing arm or manual has marks or measurements to indicate a "worn" chain then these won't be accurate anymore. Best to measure where your chain is at present to the red mark and then keep that measure in mind for the new position.
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