Where can I fix/buy a radiator like this.
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Thread: Where can I fix/buy a radiator like this.

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    Not quite sure yet...

    Where can I fix/buy a radiator like this.

    Radiator needs repair.
    2000 GSXR 600 SRAD

    (1) What can I do to fix the hole? Suggestions? JB weld?
    (2) Where can I get this fixed if I can't do DIY?
    (3) Where can I buy a used/new Radiator?

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    Those leaks can be fixed with aluminum (brazing rod) welding rod from your local princess auto or even canadian tire, only takes a normal propane torch to repair usually. Practise first on some aluminum pop cans if your not up to speed on how the stuff works.
    Other than actually replacing it with another rad that is most likely your better option, search ebay motors (usa site) there are chinese knock offs now avalible for a whole lot cheaper, and chances are they are just as good.

    A little note on repairing it with a propane torch, propane will not contaminate the aluminum as opposed to other gases, make sure your surface is sanded clean before actually attempting.
    a simple hydrostatic test afterwards should tell you if your welding is any good?
    Hope that helps.

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    Good luck welding that if you have no previous welding experince .

    Easiset way 1) JB weld
    2) Push back fins near damaged area a bit
    3) Clean it real good with brake clean ( Not soap products )
    4) heat it up with a torch , hair dryer or whatever to make it warm . The heat helps the JB run down into the fins
    5) let cool put on another layer if needed.

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