Stolen? I don't think so .......
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Thread: Stolen? I don't think so .......

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    Stolen? I don't think so .......

    Story on Global.

    Buddy cycling around the world was stopped in Savona for a coffee.
    He and his partner leave the bike leaned against their support van as they grab a coffee.
    Then they jump in the van and drive away forgetting about the bike.

    After a few km, they remember, go back and surprise! The $4000 carbon fibre road bike
    is no longer there.

    Now he's on the news crying about how his bike was "stolen". I'd have a lot more
    symapathy if he fessed up and said "We fucked up" and stopped calling the person who
    found a bike in a parking lot a thief.
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    Ok.....He's cycling around the world, parks his bike up against the support van, goes for a coffee and then drives off in the van "forgetting the bike"? Don't you think he'd have gotten back on his bike?
    C'mon.......there's something goofy about this story.

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    Newsflash, this just in, etc.

    When you talk to a reporter you don't get to OK the headline, or the particular order they put your words in when they "quote" you.

    I'd guess he's a bit punchy though with the KMs he's put on but I"m more curious if he's riding around the world why he's driving around in a van on that flat and wide stretch.

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    If you leave your bike somewhere and someone takes it, that's still theft. Sure that's a braindead mistake, but it was still stolen.

    Confusing what he was doing in the support van though with the bike outside.
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    if he's "touring on his bike" .. why did he get in the van

    sucka !!!!

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    Ya, the story on the news last night seemed a little wierd. Maybe he was in the van because he'd already biked some of the portion past the lunch stop and had planned on continuing on from further up. Just a guess.

    A hoax to generate some buzz about his cause?

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    It would have been more appropriate if he was riding for Alzheimer's........but being mentally ill will make you forget too???.....just thinkin?
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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Theft is still theft. You can't just take something because it's locked up. But yeah, I wouldn't leave that bike anywhere, not even locked up. But I'm a bit neurotic when it comes to those things.

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