Rider down today in Burnaby
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Thread: Rider down today in Burnaby

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    Rider down today in Burnaby

    Was driving home from the Burnaby Mtn golf range when I got stuck in traffic at the Broadway and Arden Ave intersection. Took these pics while waiting. This is a particularly dangerous intersection especially coming south on Arden to the traffic lights as there is a sudden right curve downward slope to the stop lights. Already had a fatality there a few years ago. For those who ride and live around here watch out for this intersection!

    Hope the rider is OK...

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    Unknown rider strikes again.
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    that's not a particular difficult section eh? rider must of been going too fast, and coming out of the corner saw the red lights and slammed his breaks and probably had a low slide?... still trying to figure out how he got on the boulevard though.. hope he didn't hit that lamp standard.. :\

    heal up fast rider!
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    Only in my head right now =(
    Stood on the rear brake on the wet road?
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    what were they riding? Know a couple guys that ride around there daily...
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    that is just a 3 way light, if no cars where turning in their lane they could have just ran the red on the far right instead of slamming brakes....
    sucks sometimes too much appreciation for the law is dangerous. hope the anon rider is ok.

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