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    thought i would checkout if mclobster actually exists and found this gem of a site

    there is some pretty tasty looking stuff here

    and watch for bonus video
    listen to me or i will eat you're bacon

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    google Huevo for translation and you'll know why that wont fly in Russia
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    Growing up in the Maritimes, I remember having the McLobster.

    As an aside, my grandfather grew up in the Annapolis Valley in the teens. He said the rich kids brought peanut butter sandwiches to school and the poor ones brought lobster. It was plentiful and free, important when you were poor. After school he used to plow them under in the field with an ox pulled plough for fertilizer.
    I love me them Hondas.

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    Its funny they release it where we have been eating lobsters for years, cheaper and twice as good. It wasnt bad for McRottens though!
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