Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding
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Thread: Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding

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    Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding

    This fall did an awesome trip which was related to,
    but not limited to, the trip organized here, and
    reported on here

    Trucked the bike to Redding, rode out of there for a
    few days, relocated to Ukiah for a few more, then off
    on a solo blast around California

    Highlights of the trip were all this, and more:

    - 11,000 km on the bike
    - 3 sets of tires
    - 2 Oil Changes
    - 2 track days
    - 4 days with a mob of Hooligans
    - 17 Solo Days
    - Bike clicked over to 70,000 km !
    - One Broken Rack (easily repaired !)
    - Awesome Weather (1 full rain day, and 2 other
    days with short bits of rain)
    - Thousands of Km of Incredible Riding
    - More Laughs than can fit in any ride report

    Day 1: - Three of us drove to Everett late, up early the next day
    for the rest of the drive to Eugene - carried an extra bike for
    one more who flew down to meet us

    Day 2: - Got to Eugene early, then, then did this:

    Google Map of 335 km loop

    Shit Eating Grins Along the Road From Quartzville (Hwy 20)

    Hooligans at the Bridge

    Day 3: - Arrived at Redding in time for a morning
    departure for this:

    Google Map of 525 km Loop

    Despite Some Storms Near Redding - Spectacular Clear Skies to the East

    Cling-ons Off the Stern - Fire Rear Phaser Banks. Now !

    Rest Stop Along Highway 70

    This was one of my favorites - open sight lines, great
    pavement, and little traffic - best done uphill, from
    Chico -> Quincy

    Day 4: - Short day, but very nice ride south and east
    of Redding Along Highway 36, and some of the smaller
    roads S of Weaverville

    Google Map of 250 km Loop

    Fill Up at Wildwood

    Highway 36 - The section of spectacular corners near
    Mad River - simply incredible !

    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Day 5: Great Hotel we stayed at (Anderson Gaia Shasta)
    was a great base for rides - this day we did this:

    Googe Map of 580 km Loop

    Cutting off the straight slabby bit from Anderson -> Chico ->
    Paynes Creek was a good call - if a little bumpy and twisty.

    The high altitude pass south and west of Quincy (between
    Qunicy and Gibsonville) was absolutely spectacular: no
    traffic, great sight lines, and awesome pavement - for those
    who did not have the "speed limiter" interrupting...

    Eyeball on a Fork - One of the "Interesting" Occurrences
    Near Quincy

    WTF - Carbon Rims, and... Sub-Standard Duct Tape ? Deduct 50 Poser Points

    Day 6: Included the DH2 rated section out to Cecilleville.
    Loop was cut short due to rain, but we got the Cecilleville Out and
    Return In - While Dry !

    Sweeeeeeeet !!!

    Google Map of 540 Km Loop

    Speed Posing - Attempted Poser Points Return ?

    Day 7: Smaller group was off to explore the one road we
    missed to the East of Chico (Bucks Lake Road)... At all costs...

    Google Map of the 480 Km Loop

    Ready For the Trip ?

    We Were Ready... But NOT This Ready ?

    We were stopped at some road construction - and the weather
    went from cold, to snowing in the space of 15 min...

    That storm pasted the hills to the east, and all of the
    Sierra's with SNOW !

    A few weeks later was still some left when I was crossing
    back over the Sierras.

    On that day we saw it all: sun, hot, bitter cold, sleet, snow,
    biting hail - was crazy riding on ice, accumulated snow, and
    3-4 cm deep hail along the various highways...

    Better Weather in the Lower Elevations - Double
    Bridge On Hwy 70

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    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding (Day 8-14)

    Day 8: Short Loop out on Platina Road,
    which runs along a ridge SW of Anderson, out to Hwy 36.

    Great views down onto Hwy 36, and lots of 1st & 2nd
    gear cornering as the roads twists along the arroyos
    all along the ridge.

    Hwy 36 back to Red Bluff is also interesting, with lots
    of whoops, and interesting riding.

    At the end of the ride, moved base camp to Ukiah

    Google Map of 170 Km Loop

    Views Along the Ridge

    Great Pavement

    Grins For Sure !

    Day 9: Headed SW from Ukiah, to Booneville, along a spectacular winding
    road. Also got in some good stuff along the coast, and the spectacular climb
    through the trees from the coast to Leggett. The Mountain View Road (Booneville
    to the Coast) was a bit "goaty"... Did this:

    Google Map of the 320 Km Loop

    Headed to the Coast - Morning Valley Fog

    Day 10: Short ride back along the spectacular Booneville
    Road, then east on 128 - which had some great winding bits, mixed
    with a few off camber corners - and more traffic. Did this:

    Google Map of 130 Km Loop

    Booneville Road - In the Morning Sun

    Day 11: Group headed back north, leaving me solo for the
    rest of the trip... Had one more shot at the Booneville Road, then
    off to the coast along the Skaggs Spring - Stewart Point Road.

    This was absolutely spectacular for the first third, with
    high speed sweepers, good sight lines - but with a couple
    of collapsing corners that come up quick at speed...

    The final two-thirds down to the coast were a bit "goaty",
    with mixed good and bad bits thrown in...

    Near Petaluma, did a couple of side roads out and back
    to the coast - both excellent rides.

    Google Map of the 332 Km Ride

    Day 12: Rode into San Fran for a few bike parts
    and maintenance items (brake pads and tires). Was a bit of a
    soaker as I headed into the bay area in mild rain.

    Day 13: With new skins on (GREAT service at
    East Bay Motorsports - on the east side, in Hayward) headed south
    along Skyline Boulevard, and south to Santa Cruz.

    Skyline was a decent ride until it turned west and headed to the
    coast, beyond La Honda - at which point things got much nicer,
    though with a bit more residential feel - great pavement, and lots
    of cornering !

    Near Watsonville did a short out and back on Hecker Pass, which was
    outstanding as it twisted over a low pass toward Gilroy.

    Google Map of 220 Km Ride

    Morning Mist Burning Off on Skyline

    Day 14: Headed south, along the east side of the coast range,
    and found okay, but not great pavement, so headed west to King City, on
    a nice backroad, then south to the west of Lake Nacimiento - with some great
    riding on a quiet backroad, with some great views as you climb the ridge

    When I hit the coast at Cambria, headed north for an out and back to Plaskett
    (La Gorda) with an amazing twisty section along the cliffs.

    Google Map of the 490 Km Ride

    North of Lake Nacimiento - View From the Ridge

    First of Succession of Bee Stings...

    Got hit in the neck and the stinger was auto-injected into my neck...
    Bee was dead and gone, but almost lost it when the burning started.

    In a rash of coincidences, got hit 4 more times, all within 3-4 cm of
    the same spot, over the next 2 days, with the second hit only an hour

    A few days later got hit on the other side of my neck... for a total
    of 5 bee stings to the neck ! WTF

    In each case the stinger was left in my neck, and bee was ripped
    off, but I was getting "stung" none the less..

    Lunch Along The Coast

    The California Beach Scene On the Coast !

    Had an incredible mind-numbing sunset at Grovers Beach, after
    a great day of riding.
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    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding (Day 15-20)

    Day 15: Headed inland away from the coast to a fondly remembered
    road south to Ojai (hwy 33), which near the south end winds down
    to Ojai in a spectacular twisting canyon.

    View From the Ridge North of Ojai

    After I hit Ojia, headed east across the north part of LA, to
    an even more spectacular Angels Crest highway. This is an
    incredible climb up onto the ridge and ridge across, then down
    to Wrightwood.

    This is about 100 km of continuous twisting, turning excellent
    quality pavement - it has to rank as the best continuous road I
    have ridden

    So good I did it out, then turned around and did it back again !

    Google Map of the 560 Km Ride

    Day 16: Did Angels Crest for the third time ! On the way
    up a bolt came loose on my rack, then the mount snapped off near the
    summit... bummer !

    Strapped it on upside down on the tail, and headed down the north side,
    then a quick GPS search and phone call, and I found an aluminum welder
    who could repair it, and reinforce it...

    People in Upland were awesome ! Welder had me in and out in 30 min,
    bolt shop gave me some stainless bolts, and the guy at Autozone gave
    me a set of Allen Wrenches to fit the new bolts ! Nice Stuff !!!

    Google Map of the 550 Km Ride

    Headed east toward Chuckwalla (the track at Desert Center), and did
    a cool loop on the south side of Highway 10, just west of Palm Springs,
    which was excellent riding, both for the road, and for the views

    Climbing Out of the Valley on Hwy 243

    Sunset Over What Should be My Sponsor !

    Had a hotel booked in Blythe - which was way out into the flats and
    was so freaking hot that riding along was dehydrating me so much I
    could not sweat anymore.... would have dried up if i had to ride much further.

    Day 17: Up early for the drive out to Desert Center, which is
    really in the middle of freakin nowhere !

    Chuckwalla - Really in the Desert !

    The track was awesome - very good pavement, very clean (blower removed
    any blown on sand each day), with quite a bit of high-speed cornenring, a nice
    banked bowl, and some ups and downs.

    Pridomore school was, well... standard Pridmore stuff - a little late getting
    going, some great instructors, and some good riding !

    Format was track, classroom, repeat until the end of the day.

    Did about 350 km each day (3 tanks of fuel), and the tires were
    looking pretty well used at the end of the day, as the air temperatures
    were getting into triple digits in the afternoon, and tires were running
    very hot !

    Started to worry if I was going to use them up...

    Fun in the Too Hot Sun

    Name:  Oct_15_Chuckwalla.jpg
Views: 393
Size:  80.5 KB

    Sat night caught a ride into Indio, with a girl from Singapore, who
    was also doing the school - was awesome, as it saved me having to
    put the mirrors back on, take off all the tape, etc.

    Day 18: Did the second track day, then headed west to Indio again, where
    the Best Western had a "Chuckwalla" rate - so was good value to stay there.

    Second day at the track was a bit of mayhem, and people were running
    off the track (I am talking 200-300 m off !), and a number of bikes went
    down, and collided...

    Dressed For the Track

    The massive tarp tent saved my bacon from sizzling... Literally !

    By the end of the day I had consumed multiple gallons of water, was
    dousing myself with water from the cooler every time we were off the
    track, and in the end was still overheating !

    Chuckwalla - From the Pit Row

    Day 19: Headed west in the morning, and then north to Bear Lake City
    on some very nice roads, with amazing views looking out onto the smog
    of the LA Valley.

    The road up to Bear Lake City (Hwy 38) was awesome - but not nearly as
    incredible as Hwy 18 leading back down on the north side. Similar to Hwy 36,
    there were twisty bits through the trees, open sweepers, and some
    tight banked corners in between - highly recommended !

    I made it as far north as Bakersfield, and would have carried on
    if there had been more light - as it turns out, luckily I did not...

    Google Maps 490 Km Ride

    Looking South Toward the LA Valley From Hwy 38

    Day 20: Headed north up Hwy 178, out of Bakersfield, thinking it was
    going to be a bit mundane... Wrong !

    Was an amazing road, along the river, in a tight valley, with very
    good pavement and sight lines. Nice change from past routes
    through the area !

    Google Map of 550 Km Ride

    Highway 178 In the Morning Sun

    More Corners Ahead !

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    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding (Day 21-23)

    One of the Many Amazing Corners On the Way Into Springville

    The highway between Kernville and Springville is simply the best fun you can have
    in first (or if you get real agro, second) gear on a sport bike.

    Simply amazing variety of generally well banked corners, good pavement, and
    a continuous back-and-forth rhythm

    Re-visited Yokohl Valley Road, Sequoia Nat Park (mediocre for the most
    part - though the south section into the park is superb), and did an
    amazing set o froads from near Sanger around the Pine Flat Reservoir,
    through to Auberry, and on to Oakhurst.

    This was probably the best day of riding I did during the entire trip.
    Very nice pavement, very little traffic, and a superb variety of roads
    of all types, speeds, and corners - incredible !

    Day 21: Started out early, and rode into Yosemite Nat Park before
    heading west to San Francisco for... more tires !

    Google Map of 400 Km Ride

    Ride through Yosemite is very good cornering, etc, but highly dependent
    upon traffic - and therefore weather. Good weather means too many cages
    and a lot of passing involved.

    The road in (Hwy 41) had a bit of traffic, but the road out (Hwy 120)
    was nearly empty, so it was much more enjoyable.

    Brunch in Yosemite

    Once out of the park, I hit a couple of side roads out toward Coulterville,
    and then on to Bear Valley on Highway 49. All of these roads were
    spectacular, with little traffic, and excellent pavement quality - so close
    to San Fran !

    Highway 49 between Coulterville and Bear Valley was an abandoned
    black ribbon, twisting over the hills - wow !

    Highway 49 Overview

    Highway 49

    Day 22: With new rubber once again, headed north for some well
    known ripping roads ! Between La Grange and Mokulme Hill were some excellent
    roads, with a variety of twisty goodness !

    I then hit Hwy 26 across to Hwy 88 - which was very good as well.

    Hwy 88 was spectacular, and nearly abandoned as I headed up there,
    late in the day - running out of light at Markleeville - which had a surprisingly
    good restaurant at the pub. Another great day of riding !

    Google Map of 400 Km Ride

    Looking North From Highway 88

    Fall Colors

    Day 23: Up early for an out and back blast to Topaz Lake, and
    the DH 1 ride - Monitor Pass ! This was recently re-paved on the east
    side, and if it was good before, it is incredibly good now !

    Google Map of 460 Km Ride

    The Blackest Black Under the Bluest Blue

    Looking East Near Monitor Pass

    After Monitor Pass I headed north into Lake Tahoe - which was a bit
    cool, and not much going on, so departed after a brief view of the
    lake at Emerald Bay.

    Headed west on Highway 50 - which was a high speed ripper - though
    with more enforcement (passed a biker getting the goods from a trooper).

    I took a side road that turned out to be absolutely spectacular pavement,
    corners, and with almost no traffic - Icehouse Road -> Wentworth Springs
    Road, which led into Auburn. Though both "roads", not highways (and therefore
    labelled at corners less well - this was a spectacular side route, which contributed
    to an amazing day of riding !

    At the end of the day, I got caught running out of light, and
    had to hole up at Sierra City - no internet, no cell service,
    but a nice warm cabin (last day of the season) - so no complaints !

    Spectacular Cornering on Icehouse Road

    Wentworth Springs Road

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    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Wa - Or - Cali = 27 Days of Riding (Day 24-27)

    Day 24: Headed north, then west to the coast, wanting to repeat a
    couple of my favorites (Hwy 70, and Hwy 36). Hwy 70 was spectacular,
    as recalled - and a great surprise on Hwy 36, as they had repaved the
    very tight bumpy section near Bridgeville - nice !

    Google Map of 550 Km Ride

    Morning on Hwy 49

    This day was simply amazing riding, broken up with the bit of slabbing
    from Chico to Red Bluff - an amazing day of some of the best roads...

    Day 25: I did another ride I was interested in - the one across S Fork
    Mountain Road to Titlow Hill Road, between Hwy 36, and Hwy 299...

    It was a great ride, but not something I would likely repeat, as the road
    was pretty narrow, uni-camber (slightly downhill, and generally off...).
    The views were okay, but undergrowth has likely diminished those
    over the years. In total, about 80 km, of off-beat riding...

    I then hit 299, and went north on 96, finding it pretty much

    Google Map of 470 Km Ride

    Choices at the Cecilleville Turn Off - Door 1

    Choices at the Cecilleville Turn Off - Door 2

    Choices at the Cecilleville Turn Off - What To Do ?

    I made the (tough) choice to head north... 96 was a bit mediocre
    north to Happy Camp - Between Happy Camp and Hwy 199 was
    a very strange road, with tight collapsing corners, and a very distinct
    change in the pavement when you hit the Oregon border.

    Hwy 199 down to Crescent City was very good - but well patrolled.

    Day 26: Up the Oregon Coast was not very exciting riding,
    by the time I hit Reedsport I had had enough - so went west on Hwy 38,
    and tried to go north on some backroads near Scottsburg... Denied !

    Google Map of 670 Km Ride

    Oregon Coast

    Back to Hwy 101 - and farther north, riding improved between Reedsport and
    Florence - went east on Hwy 36 at Florence - which was a pleasant ride as far
    as Monroe, where I went west on a spectacular go-cart track through the woods
    (South Fork Road) - all the way to Alsea.

    This was an amazing road, with excellent pavement, that twisted through
    the trees, and hills and was amazing riding !

    South Fork Road

    North End of South Fork Road

    Day 27: Began with frost in Forest Grove, so turned the
    bike north and started booking for home...

    Google Map of 530 Km Ride

    Hwy 47 north to Clatskannie was excellent, with the best bit at the north
    end - good pavement, well-cambered corners, and lots of fun !

    Hit the slab east out of Longivew, then north on I5 until I could
    get off on the east side.

    Rode the "usual suspects" roads north from just north of Tacoma (Fail
    City-> Monroe-> Arlington-> Sedro-Wooley-> Sumas).

    Hit the CDN border before 5:00, and was off the bike by 6:00.

    Never had to touch the rain gear for the last 2+ weeks of the
    trip, and hit so many awesome roads, they all blur together..

    One hell of a long trip - and so much I can not fit in here...
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    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    Holy Shit!! What a trip! SO thats what heaven is!!!
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    Insanely jealous of the riding... nice photos too.

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    Geeze Stuart I still have a ear to ear grin from the Cali part of the trip! It's almost nothing compared to yours. I am going to have to re-read this...


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    Brilliant report and pics. Thank You.

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    Nice ! Thanks for sharing. Excellent camera work.

    Ah, the little Dragon to Mariposa. Brings back memories of my favorite ride through the Seirra Nevadas.

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    wow, some fanwgasgix pics, how does one sign up for the retirement program???
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    I'm awe-struck! What an EPIC trip!

    Some stunning photos and an absolutely inspiring trip report

    Now how the hell to get 27 days off.....
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    Did you take any days off?

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    Wow. Absolutely stunning. This is the next direction I'm going for sure. Thanks for the great report.
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