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    New Gear Sizing

    I've been shopping around for bit looking for good gear that I can buy without breaking the bank. After reading what's on here and around the net I know I want leather which is much more expensive than textile but online prices make it affordable. Lots of advice I've read says to try things on before you buy, helmets, jackets etc. I haven't sizing guides that helpful and I know nothing can beat trying things on. My question is where do you try on new stuff? I know I feel awful going into a place and looking at stuff if I have no interest in buying and I know I'd be choked if some guy came into my store and tried stuff on so he could buy it elsewhere. Is there a 'motorcycle walmart" that people go to try stuff on? Being new to all this I don't want to go around and be remembered by shops as a guy who wastes people's time. At the same time I'm rather attached to my skin and bones and like them just the way they are. Suggestions?

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    Just go to any local store. Call ahead to find out what they have in stock. Some local shops can give you great deals that can be very close to online prices, so you may even buy locally once you talk to the sales people.

    It's totally normal to go to several stores and try gear on at all of them - no different from going shopping for regular clothes.
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    Buy used gear. You can try before you buy, and leather doesn't go bad. Craigslist and buy/sell forum here have several options. If new is important, and supporting local is not important to you, you might contact They used to be called NewEnough. They have a great return policy if something doesn't fit, and good closeout deals. That said, buy local.
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    As long as you know your sizing, you can find good deals locally. I found some good deals on craigslist for my jackets.
    There is also re-rides on Victoria and 57th they are a consignment store.
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    if you know your size, has some good deals.
    Ship to Blaine or Point Roberts and you are good. They still charge too much to ship to Canada.
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    One option, if you know what brand and model you are interested in, is to ask people on here if they have one in your size to can try on.

    Other option is to visit a massive store in the US that has all brands, all sizes such as Bert's Mega Mall in Covina, CA (northern L.A). That place is just sick. It's like Costco times four. This only works if you have plans to travel over the winter.

    Buying gear in the right size is difficult here. And making a compromise on the brand you really want, in the size that's "just right" sucks as well, not to mention a poor investment.

    Checking out used gear locally is also a simple solution.

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    2 options for you and I would reccomend you take the time to go through option 1 before you go to option 2 if you decide to do so:

    Option 1
    get yourself over to WERA motorcycle roadracing forums, it's a big well visited forum (members from all over the US.) The have an excellent gear for sale section where you may find a great deal. The main win you get is that the general trend is that people selling gear post up their height/weight and how the gear fit (race tight/tight/street.) You'll get a pretty good idea on what size you need on lots of different brands of gear. You may even find some gear to buy.

    Option 2
    Go to Modern Motorcycling. There is drama aplenty on here around Modern but beyond personal axes to grind, they have a good selection of gear in stock and their prices are good. I bought an Alpinestars suit there for less than the cheapest price I could find it on the internet. The reason I say to get an idea of your size before you go in there is because I think Aaron that works there tends to recomend gear a size large, my opinion, YMMV. I ended up buying there as the price was right, I could buy with confidence knowing how it fit and I could avoid being the douchebag that goes into the store, tries shit on then buys it online.

    Alternatively you can also go to the biggies (PacYam, JV) to try on gear but you'll be buying it online unless you have wads of drug money you just have to get rid of and can afford to overpay.
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    Also keep in mind if you plan on riding with layers under the jacket,n or removing stock useless foam spine padding and wearing a proper back protector. Both add significant bulk.
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    You can always wait for the motorcycle show in January. Lots of gear to try on there, and you can find out whether a shoei fits your head, or an arai - that kind of thing.
    And the deals there are comparable to the best you'll find online.

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    beware of the "waterproof" jackass fakes out there. Bought all new gear this year (newbie) and the pants are not waterproof even though he said they are and it has "waterproof" stitched right on them. Get something with a warranty, In writing or on the invoice. Buddy said come back for a new liner. WTF!? The liner doesn't even have a zipper on the crotch. How is a new liner going to fix my wet crotch? I'm just glad I'll never go back there again.

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    When you're trying things on either arrange to meet another rider there who's knowledgeable or go to a place where the sales ppl will take the time to give you some tips. There are a lot of factors that go into proper sizing which a lot of ppl don't realize right out of the gate.

    E.g: racing jackets are designed to fit when hunched over the tank so they're cut very short and tight in the front to eliminate bunching up of excess material. More all-purpose jackets are not as short, to accomodate less aggressive riding positions. What you want depends on your bike, your riding style, how you fit on it, and what you're most comfortable in. Nothing's set in stone but when shopping it helps to understand what you're looking at and why it is so. Dude, knowledge is power.

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