Would you.....buy a bike from a DumbASS?
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Thread: Would you.....buy a bike from a DumbASS?

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    Would you.....buy a bike from a DumbASS?

    Just some bitching about my quest for a good cheap sport touring bike.....
    Call up a guy( the add sounds great like the bike is the next best thing since swiss cheeze)...figures the bike was his 'learner bike', was dropped upteen times, he never checked the valves or did any maintence and the bike has been sitting for a while before. HMmmmm
    ....another ad...bike is supposedly in perfect shape and has 7500km, i go to look at the bike and it actually has around 11k(and it wasnt insured for months), its been dropped a few times and the bent shifter wore a nice groove in the engine case, but the owner sais its in perfect shape and he took great care of it. oh and it pisses oil from valve cover, the oil is very yucky looking(in the "eye"). and he tells me its perfect...in person
    another "perfect bike".....bent handlebars, milky oil and totaly bald tires.
    Another bike thats mechanically " perfect with slight scratches"- noisy valves, faerings cracked in multiple places, severely scuffed up engine case and somewhat rough idle. and the guy was asking a mint price for it too.
    I am pissed.

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    Dude, sounds like you've never shopped for any second hand things.

    It's almost expended now to add $xxxx dolars to the price so you can come in and 'bargain' for it; so it can be bought for a fair prie.

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    well duh its one thing to add XXXX amount of dollars and bargain. but some of the guys i met were firmly set on a MINT price for bikes that were anything but mint and lied to my face about things being perfect when they aint. One thing is asking a bit too much because you put that much in and added some, but lying is not cool.

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