bike alarms: opinions please.
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Thread: bike alarms: opinions please.

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    bike alarms: opinions please.

    OK so it's that time of the season again when everyone is getting their bikes jacked.

    Digi is coming out (already out?) with a cool alarm. Now the geek value is immense and I'm almost sold on that alone.

    $300 is a set of tires however.

    ICBC doesn't give us a break if we have the alarm installed.

    The bike is insured for theft.. if it gets stolen, I get my money back more or less.

    Why would I want an alarm then?

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    An alarm with a proximity sensor may just be the thing to make a thief think twice. All you have to do is make your bike less attractive then the bike next door. If yours starts to chirp as the thief walks buy he may decide to steal from someone else.

    ICBC needs to get its act together and start working with tracking systems for bikes/cars. Every other juristiction in NA has some sort of a system.


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    IMO it's worth it if it'll let you know when someone's messin with your property.
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