impressive service from Electrowear and Canada Post
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Thread: impressive service from Electrowear and Canada Post

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    impressive service from Electrowear and Canada Post

    I've owned and used a "Black Jack" electric vest (made by Electrowear in Errington, near Parksville BC) for 3 years, but when the temps fell and I started using it this autumn, the heat output was most unimpressive, not at all what I remembered. broken wires? loosened connections? who knows??? so I phoned and was told they can do repairs, and that there was a flat rate $20 fee, including postage back. sounded reasonable, so I dropped the package off at my local post office at 1pm Weds. mid-day the following Monday, the vest arrived back, restored to toasty perfection. the billing slip shows 15 mins of inspection, 15 mins of sewing, 2 lead wires replaced, and 4 connectors replaced. plus bench testing. plus mailing back. mighty impressive for 20 bucks, and mighty fast too, I reckon! kudos to all concerned!

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    Ive sold those vests for 10 years or more now. I have only had one or two that have had any kind of problem and that is usually after a couple of years of use. They have repaired and returned them in record time. They are great people with a little shop in their garage. Good to see the little guy still has an advantage some times.

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    ** Electrowear Manufacturing Ltd 1380 Terr Rd, Parksville BC
    Phone: (250) 248-3575 **
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    Agreed, I have experianced very quick and reasonable (cost of mailing) service from them as well. great folks!!
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    After purchasing 4 of this particular make of vest over the last 10 yrs, I've discovered that the least expensive definitely is not the way to go. A vest really should last longer than 3 years, the longest timespan I've gotten out of one of these.

    I've purchased a vest from "Gears", at 20% more cost, it has heated collar, inline on-off switch, and is still doing well at the end of it's 3rd yr.


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