What's a good first bike?
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Thread: What's a good first bike?

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    What's a good first bike?

    Hey Everyone!!!

    I'm a new member to this site and I'm also a newbie rider. I was wondering what would be a great starter bike for a chickie rider like myself...

    Also I would appreciate some tips on what to look for when getting a bike.. Thanks !!

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    Get a 2003 GSXR 1000 , they have great handling and good acceleration

    or get a 2002 R1 if you wanna get chicks and go fast... Muhaha

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    Use the search function.
    Type in something like "best beginner bike" or "good learning bike"

    edit: BTW..... welcome
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    1st bike

    Depends on what you want most. Cruiser, Standard, Sport.

    Also depends on your height, strength and dexterity.

    1st bike I recommend anything less than 500cc. Don't let anyone try to fool you with simple lines like "Oh, you'll out grow it way too fast", "Oh, don't get anything less than a 600cc sportbike or you're wasting your money", or "you'll never be able to sell that thing when you want to move up". All crap. Learn how to RIDE a bike, how a bike OPERATES, and what you can expect from your own physical inputs before you worry about moving up.

    Some good starter sport styled bikes are the ZZR250 (ninja 250) from Kawasaki, and the older VTR250 from Honda. If you're looking for something used [which is smarter because there is a darn good chance you'll fall over a couple of times while learning to ride slow with control] there are tonnes of choices reaching back as far as the 70's.

    If you have experience from a trail bike, maybe check out a Suzuki GS500 or Kawasaki EX500 before you try the "latest & greatest" bikes out there. Good luck and welcome to the sport.

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    Hey guys, you're supposed to say...

    Go to the Articles Forum and look up the Best Beginner Bike article there. We did this a few weeks back to avoid having to type the same answers every time.

    Munchies, you'll find all the opinions from seasoned and greyed old timers to the peeps that are fresh out on the road. If you still have questions that weren't in there then come on back and ask.



    PS; If you're "inseam challenged" then pop into the Women's forum and try a search. There was a good thread there on dealing with the Too Tall syndrome.... Heck, pop into there anyway if you haven't already. You Girlz are the fastest growing segment of the sport these days. Good to have another one on board.
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    Originally posted by `bertyzfr1`
    Get a 2003 GSXR 1000 , they have great handling and good acceleration
    what're you trying to do? we need more women riders! stop trying to kill them off!

    oh, and welcome to the site..

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    Welcome, Munchies!

    Try this website...
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    Heh...my bike is a good starter http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...threadid=12918
    check it out.
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    250 ninja, my gf is 5'2" and it worked for her fine, dunno how tall you are, just adding this for info's sake. fun bike, light, and fast enough to entertain for a long time. built like bricks. cheap too, can pick one up for as low as 1500$. Angus.

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    Hayabusa is sweet, also sv1000 and R1 and Gixxer 1000 all look so good. Get on of them so you don't have o upgrade all the time.

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    rofl...just what I was thinking Igor...get a hayabusa

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    Welcome Munchies

    None of these guys know what they are taliking about.Get a 600cc.I would reccomend the GSXR600,it`s the slowest of the 600`s
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