Newbie question - changing brake fluid - end of season or beginning?
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Thread: Newbie question - changing brake fluid - end of season or beginning?

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    Newbie question - changing brake fluid - end of season or beginning?

    Hello all.

    My bike season is pretty much over and am going to store my bike soon and cancel insurance.

    So - in addition to the usual oil change, chain cleaning and lubing the cables, it is time to change my brake fluid (my 3 year, so time for a change). I have bled brakes before with my dad on a car, so the concept isn't too new to me.

    But my question(s) are
    1) should I change it at the end of the season before storage or at the beginning? Does it make a difference? My only thought is that if I change it at the beginning of the season, I can take her around for a spin to try out the brakes

    2) in addition to changing the brake fluid, do I need to change the brake hose clips/clamps? (the clips that attach the hose to the brake fluid reservoir?

    Thanks! Looking forward to working on my bike.

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    change at the start of the season. brake fluid absorbs moisture, so there's no point changing it before it's put away really. Sorry don't know anything about "clips" so i'll wager a no.
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    I'm of 2 minds on this one. I agree with Jaybo that it makes more sense to change at the beginning of season. BUT, it's also nice to flush the shitty old moisture filled fluid out now, so it doesn't sit in the master and calipers all winter. Up to you when you do it, really.

    Clips? As in the the little hose clamp on the reservoir? Don't worry about it.

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    Maybe he means the hose end, or banjo bolt?

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    Beginning of the season sounds better
    So much work & so little time!!

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