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    Buh bye Flash

    Here you go, all the fuss about Apple mobile products not being able to run Flash for nothing:

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    Microsoft's Silverlight for mobile is going down too. Adobe announced layoff of 750 employees.

    Mobile users have accepted the 'App' concept. These (web-enabled) Apps runs natively outside the browser sandbox and often with full privilege. So native windowing toolkit is much better than using a Flash player wrapped in a Browser.
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    I'm happy to see both Flash and Silverlight go to hell, and stay there. HTML5 for the win!
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    I wish.
    This is for the best. Developers have done some amazing things for sure, but it's still raping i7 processors, and that's not acceptable.
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    As much as I am a supporter of stuff supporting flash... as a developer I have to say that flash's service life was extended waayyyyy longer than it was architechted to do. HTML 5 is the future. Everybody in the software industry kinda knew that Flash will have to go away at some point, but I was actually surprised that Adobe is pulling the plug (in) so soon.


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