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    GS1100e Riders

    Yoyoyo, wazup in da hood homies!

    I think I'ma treat this one like a 'keep forever' bike. Love the style and the noise it makes!

    So, GSXR front end swap? Anyone done this? Sounds like I need to source GSXR 750 92 pars..... Made_man, I'm looking at your bike for parts!

    Also, has anyone disabled the anti-dive brake system? It's annoying.

    Not mine... but how it how mine would look like if I had a bottom less pit of it.

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    hard in the mac
    i know a guy who has a bunch of 92 gsxr parts.
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    I'd love to do this one day...

    Name:  Suzuki%20GS1000%20Yoshimura%20%20Tribute.jpg
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    That's cool .... a modern Wes Cooley tribute.

    One of those, a Freddie Spencer version and an Eddie Lawson one in the garage would make for a happy place.
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    I would love to turn my 9r into a Eddie Lawson tribute fighter.

    I know this exist, just more race bike theme:
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