Washing bike in winter
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Thread: Washing bike in winter

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    Washing bike in winter

    What's the best engine temperature to wash the bike at?
    After a ride or before?
    Do I leave it idling when hosing it off?
    This isn't to make her all pretty... just hose it down and a fast wipe.
    Like a beday.
    Mind you a beday does make it all pretty too.
    I'm in an underground parking lot if that makes a difference. I vaguely remember reading a negative comment on the forums about using steam to wash a bike.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't have the bike running if you're not on it. Period.

    You can rinse it off pretty much anytime. Letting it cool down may be a better choice (no steam from water evaporating on hot bike parts). Keep in mind that when you wash it, you'll also likely take all lube off the chain. Chains are best lubed when they're warm.
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    Engine cold, water bucket luke warm - with some zip-wax soap, hose rinse clean carefully avoiding aiming any concentrated water jet at electronics, instruments or sensitive orifices ...

    ... and then warm it up and take it for a spin to dry it off nicely. She'll love you back in spades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerunt View Post
    Don't have the bike running if you're not on it. Period.
    ?? I do this all the time.... it's why they invented neutral...... I guess it is a good rule of thumb if you are an uncoordinated spaz. but otherwise, what's the problem?
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