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    Question Attn: Auto Body Specialist ....

    I looked at a van where the rear right barn door doesn't close right unless you give it a good slam. There is a dent on the corner (back/side passenger corner) that apparently caused this problem.

    QUESTION: Is this something that can be "pulled straight" and corrected to close nicely? The seller said he would follow up tomorrow with an autobody guy he knows, but I'm wanting to do my homework and see what the $$$ might be.


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    That is NOT a cheap fix. Stay away.
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    Uni body construction. Basically the shape of the door opening has to be made true again. A lot of work in a frame jig. Then align the door again, paint it all cause it's gonna get worse in the jig before it gets better.

    Good guess, more than a shitty old white van is worth. My advice, keep shopping. Good luck.

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    I see rust all over that Van, not worth the cost of repairs if it has been that poorly maintained

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    Take a jack and a 2x4.

    Prop jack inside the cargo area on the bottom left corner. Then a cut 2x4 from jack to upper right corner. Then jack it up until the door kinda lines up.

    When it's close enough, remove the door from hinges, and use a hammer on the anchor points to fine tune it.

    This is by no means anywhere close to professional, but that would be what I'd do on a tight budget (and I've made a lot of tight budget fixes as a student)

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