I'm confused, your initial post about the accident said;

Rider down...it was me!
First time for everything. At Willingdon and....the street before Kingsway when youre heading South...maybe Grange. Oh and my fault as well

Heard a police siren that sounded like it was right behind me, so I shoulder checked to see if I should pull over for it. BIG MISTAKE.. turns out it was approaching the same intersection I was from the right. Looked back in front of me (eyes were only away for half a second) but in that time the lady in front of me has slammed on her brakes in the intersection (not sure how correct that is) and it was on Willingdon so obviously there was slipper parts at the beginning if the intersection. Braked hard, back came up a bit, front went under her bumper and my shoulder/fist not sure which left a little dent in the back of her van. Somehow, the only thing that hurts is my left heel...I think i jumped off the left side as the bike fell to the right. Luckily the bike was not moving by the time it fell down, so minimal damage to the fairing, front hugger is cracked from where it pushed under her bumper. So ya, if you saw a blue ZX6R on its side or later on the sidewalk, that was me. Hopefully my heel is not broken, its hurting more as I type this. Yay for single paragraph posts...still a bit shaken up sorry for any typos.

That "little" dent in the back of the van... that's the $1000. You can either replace, or repaint. Repaint is about $850-$1000, so if a new bumper cover is less, they just put a new one on.

Just pay the $1000 out of your own pocket. You can't risk another accident and
going up to the 200% surcharge level.