for the collectors and kit bike set....
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Thread: for the collectors and kit bike set....

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    for the collectors and kit bike set....


    would love to "pick" through this...
    Quote Originally Posted by Zug View Post
    Peewee and Kevin from Bayside should get together and start a bike shop called, Fuck you and the bike you rode in on.

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    What a great story... I wonder how many places like this there are, waiting for the scrapper to come.

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    looks like honest al's

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    !!!!!!!!!!! That is my domain.
    I visited somewhere similar in the North of England twenty years ago. The difference was that the Barn (which was dry) was used to store a collection of bikes that the owner thought may appreciate in value. He had no interest in bikes perse, just speculating. I visited some time after picking had already started. It was still full of dusty bikes, parts and engines. He'd lost interest and decided that he would collect watches and valuable timepieces instead (they take up less space - who'd o' thought?). He just let me and a friend explore. Hours passed so easily. There were mostly '60's and '70's Japanese stuff. Triples, fours and sixes. The British stuff had all been snapped up.
    Re: the Lockport find. Those guys missed the motherload - the NOS exhaust pipes in good shape!
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