Carb Cleaner?
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Thread: Carb Cleaner?

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    Carb Cleaner?

    Does anyone ever run a carb cleaner through their gas, or periodically open the airbox and spray clean the carbs. I have never heard of anyone doing this with bikes, but it's fairly common in cars. If so, is there a prefered brand/product to use?

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    I have run carb cleaner and fuel injector cleaner in a few probs.....chevron techtron has a good rep
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    This is one of those snake oil products. If your carb isn't sticky from some sort of deposits then you're just wasting your time. And if your throttle feels sticky then it's a 99% chance that the cables need cleaning rather than the carbs.

    Also just spaying it down the throat only cleans the slides and the exposed part of the needles. If there's gunk in the little passages of the carbs from being stored too long with gas in there then it's a waste of time again. You need to dissassemble them and blow out each and every passage to do any good.

    Basically if it ain't broke don't go trying to fix it.

    PS; The only time I've ever ran a bottle of injector cleaner through any of my vehicles it was for my truck when I suspected sticky injectors as there was a periodic cutout when cruising at a certain throttle setting. The cleaner did absolutely nothing to the problem. It didn't even make me feel good.

    Buy good gas and you'll never need any of the special patent medicines they sell..... other than perhaps gas line ant1freeze if you live in the interior or back east. ( never even used that in my 7 years in Ontario and the buggy always ran fine).
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    Don't use the additives I've experienced it about 6 times where the additives have stretched the rubber diaphram connected to the carb slide. automotive carbs usually don't have rubber in the them . Strongly recommend not using them, instead of wasting your money on additives give your bike away and buy a brand new trouble free Harley.

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