Are flashing LED lights illegal? What about coloured license plate lights?
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Thread: Are flashing LED lights illegal? What about coloured license plate lights?

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    Are flashing LED lights illegal? What about coloured license plate lights?

    I can see some bicycles a mile away with them flashing LED lights
    So I wondered, Are motorcycles allowed to use them?
    What about them funky blue license plate lights or the plate holder with a scrolling marquee message?

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    They are great for visibility but not legal for motor vehicles.

    Flashing lamps
    4.28 (1) Avehicle on a highway may only be equipped with lamps that are capable of displaying flashes of light if

    (a) the lamps are operated in accordance with this Division, or
    (b) the director has given written permission and the lamps are lighted in accordance with the conditions specified by the director.
    (2) Red, white or amber flashing lamps may be used on the following vehicles:
    (a) a fire department vehicle driven by a member of the fire department in the discharge of the member's duties;
    (b) an official vehicle driven by a peace officer, constable or member of the police branch of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the discharge of the officer's duties;
    (c) an ambulance, as defined in the Health Emergency Act, if the ambulance is responding to an emergency call or transporting a patient and it is essential for the ambulance to gain the right of way;
    (d) a bus described in section 169.1 (4) (a) or (b) of the Act if the flashes of light are emitted
    (i) from the centre and right side clearance lights at the rear of the bus, and
    (ii) only when the bus is stopped, standing or parked at a bus stop.

    Any blue lights are a definite no-no. The only guys allowed to use them get fairly pissy when someone else does.

    And the scrolling license plate frames are also illegal (and tacky ) and can be ticketed under:
    Lighted signs and air deflectors
    4.27 (1) A motorvehicle must not be equipped with an illuminated taxi sign except in accordance with conditions set out in writing by the director.

    (2) A motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle or taxi, may be equipped with one internally illuminated sign if the sign complies with all of the following:
    (a) the sign is securely mounted on the roof of the vehicle, has no moving parts and does not overhang the roof of the vehicle;
    (b) the sign does not increase the overall height of the vehicle by more than 50 cm, and the vehicle and sign together do not exceed 4.15 m in overall height;
    (c) the surfaces of the sign are illuminated only to the sides of the vehicle and not to the front or rear;
    (d) the illuminated surface of the sign is not more than 3 000 cm2 on each side;
    (e) the illuminated surfaces of the sign do not depict graphics which resemble any official traffic control device;
    (f) the light displayed is uniformly diffused and is a non-flashing light of not more than 32 watts.
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    Sikorsky is correct above, not to mention the laws of good taste.

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    I can tell you with first hand experience that they are illegal. When I was 16 I put blue fog lights on my car....89 bucks later I was putting white lights back in.
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