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    Superzoom vs. DSLR

    Many years ago, I was into serious photography and did my own B+W developing. I still enjoy photography immensely and revel in what digital post processing has to offer. I could never have dreamed of the possibilities when I was developing and fixing 30+ years ago.
    But to the point of my post – the front end. Way back when, SLR’s were the way to go, unless you had the means to afford quality large format cameras. But now, I’m finding increasingly that my Nikon DSLR never comes out of its camera bag, preferring instead to use my (now four year old) Lumix superzoom, or even cheap Kodak point and shoot, which I carry with me most of the time.
    There is no question there is something very satisfying about the feel of a good quality, weighty DSLR, but they are simply too unwieldy when compared to the current crop of very accomplished SZ’s.
    The only downside of the SZ to my mind, is the limited control when compared to the DSLR, and the shot capture when you press the shutter. The only thing that I would use the DSLR for now is long exposures, and “catch the instant’ (sport) photography.

    It’s time to upgrade the Lumix, and I’m leaning towards another Lumix or the Canon SX40. It would be a slam dunk for the Lumix if it had a fold out screen, a feature I find very appealing and useful.
    Anyone here a SZ fan, and what do you use?
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    Well, these choices are all about compromise, and my personal choice, have one of each....they both have great
    strengths under certain conditions, so as a bit of an enthusiast, I truly see the value of having 2 cams, one a DSLR.

    No, I personally do not have a SZ point & shoot, as I fill the long needs with my DSLR, and on thew opposite end, use
    my small cam for it's wider angle and small size form factor.

    I don't chose one over the other for basic image quality, but more for the challenges associated with poor lighting, and/or
    fast focus requirements. Many decent quality point & shoots can yield outstanding image quality, so it really boils down
    to the type of pics you want.......if action stuff is high on the list, you cannot beat the merits of a DSLR, but if you are
    shooting mostly static stuff, the P&S can do quite well.

    If you are patient, and know how to use a P&S, there are methods to capture some action quite successfully, but it's a
    bit tougher than something with TTL focusing.

    Also, most SZ type cameras suffer at both ends.....not always great on the wide end, and often soft on the long end, often
    doing their best right in the middle......where you don't use it that much, haha. That said, depends how picky you are.

    My old Canon Pro1, which in the day, may have been considered a SZ, although pales in comparison to today's long reach cams,
    was pretty damn sharp throughout.....really nice quality lens.

    I think the SX40 and/or the FZ150 are probably great choices of a DSLR and associated expense, weight, and complexity are not wanted.
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    i just went thur all the pros/cons of getting a new camera and a dslr was in the mix. i wanted dslr features/quality, but like you did not wanted the size of of a compact. so i upped my budget and got the best of both worlds with the sony nex line of cameras. check it out, it may be what you want.

    for me i wanted the camera for mtn biking shots so speed, control and low light sensitivity were my priorities. no matter how many megapixels or iso rating a compact has, the sensors are small. the sensor on the nex cameras is dslr size and that is what makes the difference with picture quality.
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    I went with the Lumix Fz-40 last spring. Decent reviews and had them on for $279. I was not ready for a dslr and am still not.

    I'm just starting to get a handle on this camera. I don't spend a lot of time with it but the presets work ok for quick shots. Takes fabulous indoor stills and hd video on auto. These cameras have a terrific microphone as well. I originally was not interested in the video end of the camera but find I use it a lot due to the high quality.

    The best outdoor shots are obtained with manual settings. These cameras will take raw images as well.

    The superzoom is impressive. Stabilization is excellent in free hand. I did buy a tripod for more serious shots. Below is an example of full superzoom with the extended zoom(somewhat digital). The full resolution photo is quite vivid and the online copy does not do it justice.

    Its a great beginner camera but pros would find it boring and lacking.

    Have fun shopping!

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    It is... pretty much everything. (Actual size smaller than depicted)

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