Advice Wanted: Tips on starting a bike that has been sitting for years
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Thread: Advice Wanted: Tips on starting a bike that has been sitting for years

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    Advice Wanted: Tips on starting a bike that has been sitting for years

    Looking for advice on starting a bike for the first time after it has been sitting for 7-8 years.

    The bike 2000 Honda F4 was properly winterized (by PRSMechanic at one of his winter storage courses), i.e. the carbs were drained, Sta-Bil added to gas and run though the fuel system, oil and filter changed, cables lubed, anti-freeze added to cooling system, etc. in October 2003. The battery was also removed. The bike has been stored in enclosed garage since that time.

    I now want to fire it up to demonstrate to its (hopefully) new owner that it runs. I know I'll need a new battery. The gas is crap and the fuel tank is rusty. Fortunately, I have a clean, empty replacement tank I can use instead. What I want to know is whether there is anything else I should do before attempting to start the bike after it has been sitting for so long. For example, should I pull the plugs and squirt a little oil into each cylinder or is that not necessary? (I cannot recall if a little Seafoam or similar product was squirted into the cylinders when it was winterized.)

    Any thoughts or advice from people knowledgeable in this area would be appreciated.

    Also, I assume that once the existing tank is drained that there is some product I can put in the tank and then throw in some nuts and shake it around for a while to clean the rust out from inside the tank. If so, what do I use? Is there another or better methid for cleaning the old tank?

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    Wow, that has been siting for a long time
    So much work & so little time!!

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    A little oil in the cylinders wont hurt. I am guessing youre putting in fresh oil, and i would turn the engine while the plugs are out to try and get some oil into the bearings... I figure spin the tire while in gear. Should be easy with no plugs.

    Make sure your carbs prime and hit the button!

    As for the tank, i've got nothin'

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    It's late, but I'll suggest a few....
    The cylinders would have been sprayed with storage spray, but I'm not sure how long it sticks around for.
    Even if there was a bit of rust, oil won't do much unless the rings are frozen.
    Once the new battery is in (assuming you didn't look after the old one), you could remove the air filter and spray some storage spray (or similiar) into the carbs as if you were storing it (throttle open, crank it over and spray.
    For rusted tanks, I always use Motomaster Liquid Rust Remover (or equivalent). Remove all fittings, duct tape all but one hole, pour in can, tape up and shake fluid around numerous times. Rinse with water. If you had a solvent tank, I use that to remove the water. If not, i think methyl hydrate removes water.
    Put it back together right away, and fill with gas, or it will flash rust.
    Full choke, no throttle, start bike.
    Remind him the tires are old and shit.
    If chain was lubed it should be fine, same with clutch cable.
    I don't normally change the oil in the spring, but in your case might not be a bad idea!
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