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    I like my
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    Harley Davidson onwers...

    Hey look! Not a bad turnout for a HD meet!

    Pretty cool truck!

    Here's the front of it...

    Mint looking HD. Nice chaps, chap.


    Disclaimer: I love Harleys and I love Chilliwack HD. (Please, please don't send scary people to come and kill me.)
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    Harley? What's a Harley?

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    You should all try going down to Anacortes for the Oyster meet in late September. Last time I went there was over 13000 motorcycles that took up about 7 or 8 blocks along the main drag. It's truly a place of wonderment for that one day each year.

    And I'll give you one guess as to what is hands down the most popular brand there....
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    I have to admit ; this year I took a bait and went for a Harley test ride at Trev Deeley dealership.

    Never rode any Harley before.

    They had all the models available and I was determined to try them all but after four rides I had enough.

    The famous Harley "mistique" did not affect me somehow. The good thing is that if I ever was intrigued by an "American Iron" it is gone now.

    The only one HD which gave something which resemble pleasure or satisfaction for a brief moment was Heritage Springer but it was still crap, like all the rest.

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    Janusz, I'd take your Guzzi mystique any day! Love that bike.

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    I like my little 1/2 a Harley..oh Dalton they are coming to get you Run... Run... the hired goons are coming to your door

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