FS/FT: Built AWD Turbo Eagle Talon w/6bolt swap
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Thread: FS/FT: Built AWD Turbo Eagle Talon w/6bolt swap

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    FS/FT: Built AWD Turbo Eagle Talon w/6bolt swap

    I just bought this car a little while ago, fixed a bunch of wiring, got the suspension aligned, did a bunch of maintenance on it and bought brand new winters for it. This car is mint and built extremely well, I would accept no less as I am an extremely picky person with my cars. I bought this car in hopes to keep it for a long time as I am a major car enthusiast, but this car is distracting me from my studies because I just love to work on it. This car has so many brand new parts and so much potential. It was broken in properly and dyno tuned for 94 at Racing Greed, it made 245AWHP at 24psi. Their dyno is famous for reading low, but to put in perspective these cars put down 160AWHP stock. This car should run a low 13 sec/high 12sec 1/4 mile. Reliable, has all the proper mods and is fairly good on gas so long as your not boosting it all the time.

    At this point in my life I need to focus on my education not playing with cars, as far as trades go, I will consider all offers whether its straight trades, downgrades or upgrades, but I would like something fairly stock. As for a selling price, I am asking $8000 firm. You could not replicate this car for even close to that price and I really hate to see it go, I am losing a fair amount of money at this point.

    - NEW 2000km Built 2.0 6bolt swap
    - Wiseco 9:1 pistons
    - Eagle rods
    - ACL bearings
    - ARP main studs
    - Main Girdle ($120)
    - Evo9 valve springs on stock cams
    - L19 Head studs ($250)
    - Cometic hg
    - Completely rebuilt head as of July 10 (new guides, 3angle, resurface, ect. $600)
    - NEW 3g lifters ($120)
    - Ported stock intake (proven to keep lots of low-to-mid range power, but pull harder up top due to porting)
    - Poly engine mounts
    - NEW NGK wires ($85) with vented alum wire cover
    - NEW large Alum rad, new rad hoses. New 12" e-fan to replace stock ac fan ($350)
    - NEW MITSU oil pump, water pump
    - NEW timing belt kit
    - NEW B&M engine oil cooler with -10an Braided lines, Russell fittings ($200 in parts/fittings)
    - NEW 3bar GM MAP conversion with AITS ($150)

    *** this motor is built to handle 500whp and can get there with a few simple upgrades (turbo, cams, meth). Motor alone would cost $4000+ to replicate, let alone assemble and install - just ask Rob Vorley

    - MHI Evo3 BIG 16G (only 4000kms)
    - Stainless Steel Jpipe, heat wrapped
    - Tubular exh manifold, heat wrapped, braced to prevent warping ($300)
    - Tubular o2 housing, heat wrapped
    - Custom 3" SS turbo back exhaust.
    Fab’d by Lowell. T304 steel. tig welded. Magnaflow dual tip muffler. (this would cost $1300 roughly for RG to make). down pipe portion is heat wrapped. has slip fit section so a cat could be put in if Air Care was ever required. Have 3” hi flow cat on side ready for air care)
    - Custom 3" intake with NEW K&N filter ($250)
    - NEW VRSF fmic kit (approx $500)

    - 660cc injectors
    - Walbro 255 pump (rewired)

    - NEW ACT 2600 street disc clutch kit ($500. good for 400tq, 400+whp)
    - NEW Fidanza alum flywheel ($300)
    - B&M short shifter
    - Trans was rebuilt by Frank within the last 20k kms according to the previous owner.
    - FRESH GM Synchromesh fluid in trans. Redline in Tcase, and Rear dif.

    - CLEAN, No Rips, grey cloth interior
    - 3 spoke Autotecnica steering wheel with hub (similar to Momo)
    - NEW AEM digital wideband, AEM Analog Boost and Oil Pressure gauges ($650!)
    - Clifford Alarm
    - tinted windows
    - Cruise control moved to steering column
    - White face gauge cluster

    - Tokico Lumina adj shocks on Eibach lowering springs
    - Ingals F&R camber bolt kits
    - Brembo cross drilled rotors with kevlar pads in REAR
    - NEW FRONT Cobra Brake upgrade. 13” rotors NEW Cobra 2piston calipers ($700 plus install) HUGE STOPPING POWER!
    - NEW SS brake lines on all corners ($100)
    - Enkei RPF1 17x8 Wheels. 225/50 Kumho SPT's, both have 4000km on them. Also comes with almost brand new (500km) winter tires 225/50's

    - Running a 99 open ECU.
    this is a stock ecu that is reflashable just like the evo8/9/10’s. its very similar to a standalone. the ecu is $200 and plus the MAP software to accommodate for the 3bar map conversion and larger map scaling for better tuning. The software has other features if you wanted them tuned in later such as: launch control, no lift shifting, and anti turbo lag. All would have to be setup in tuning. this is becoming a VERY popular method of tuning as its relatively cheap and works great as your running a factory ecu effectively. Boost is also controlled by the ecu via a boost solenoid (no way for it to be mistakenly adusted like a mbc under the hood). RG has all the cables and software to tune, so for future tuning its only dyno time!

    - new fuel filter, spark plugs, K&N oil filter, thermostat, rad cap, 1g metal dip stick. ALL SYN fluids in diff and trans. Engine is broken in on Reg engine oil. newer battery. A few AN fittings to block off unused ports. new Powersteering pump seals.
    - Sony MP3 Player, 2 kenwood amps, JBL speakers, 10” sub
    - sure im missing lots of little things, like Piaa head light bulbs, clear corner lenses, ect
    - Suspension alignment, brand new battery

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    Bump, price drop, $8000 firm
    Brand new clutch master, slave, line and ACT clutch kit
    Will consider trades for sport bikes

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