RIP Etta James
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Thread: RIP Etta James

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    RIP Etta James

    A great talent that will be missed....... I was lucky enough to work for Her a few times and to have heard Her sing....

    Anything You Can Do...... I Can Do Drunker
    "Growin up leads to growin old and then to dying...... And dying to Me don't sound like all that much fun"

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    The sadness continues, yeah a great talent lost.
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    I had a chance to see her down in Vegas in few years ago - some seedy little shithole off the strip. Circumstance didn't allow me and my buddy to go. Regretted it ever since.


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    Sad. I listen to her classics fairly regularly. A voice that could be silky smooth for one track and then an incredible powerhouse in the next.

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