kawi Z1000 footpegs
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Thread: kawi Z1000 footpegs

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    kawi Z1000 footpegs

    so, I hopped onto a ton of bikes at the show yesterday, cuz sooner or later I'm gonna have to replace the SV. the Z1000 and Ninja 1000 are interesting, but I noticed when I sat on them that when I place the balls of my feet on the pegs (as for spirited riding), my heels hit the passenger peg / exhaust support arms. I'm about size 11, but I'd judge there would be interference with even a size 9 or smaller. how do you guys who own these bikes cope with this? it seems like a serious design flaw to me... or do you just get used to riding 'pigeon-toed'?
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    I've never noticed or had an issue with this.

    Are you sure you were sitting on it properly? It's not an aggressive seating position.
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