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    Chain questions

    So I need to replace the chain and sprockets on my SV1000s. CompAccessories has 40 different chains that supposedly fit my bike. How the hell do I choose one?

    My current chain is a 530. Ive seen lots of kits for 520 and 525 conversions. Why would I want to do this?

    What is the difference between o-ring, and x-ring?

    Any significant differences between DID, RK, EK, Regina, Renthal?

    What do I really NEED? I mostly use the bike for commuting with some spirited weekend jaunts and a couple of overnight trips a year.

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    The lower chain numbers are lighter weight. They may wear a little quicker under a big twin rider who like to twist the joy handle. They also need new sprockets to match.

    Any good "brand name" o-ring or x-ring chain will do fine for street riding. If you're racing you may need the latest super-duper setup, highest tensile strength, lowest weight, lowest friction type chain, but the rest of us probably won't notice the difference.

    The best deals I've been finding have been chain/sprocket combos for a particular application, cheaper than buying the components separately.

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    I've run an RK x-ring chain for both my dirt and street bike for the last few changes and am very happy. I don't care about weight anymore (I beat "gramitis" years ago). I pick up steel sprockets and the RK chain for just under $100 from a guy on e-buy called dirtparts.

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