Hotdog for the 5%er
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Thread: Hotdog for the 5%er

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    I like traffic cones :S Array made Man's Avatar
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    "Honda = Boring, Suzuki = Wannabes, Yamaha = Poser, Ducati = Overated, BMW = Compensating, Aprilia = Insecure, Buell = BCIT business... go faKOffee." - PUREVIL

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    must have more bacon Array gxr jo's Avatar
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    guess u will have to ask lcp if he would like to wrap his lips around it
    listen to me or i will eat you're bacon

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    Don't be stupid. Array Sikorsky's Avatar
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    "Dougie Luv" looks like 4 shades of douchebag, a true used car salesman. But hey, if he can get idiots to drop $100 on a left over Ikea dog that soaked in some Courvosier over night, who am I to complain?
    The difference between you and me .........

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    Pretty smart marketing... he's made national news... for nothing more than a glorified hot dog cart.
    Long Live Shervin Of The North!

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