Charlie Brown missed football kick move.
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Thread: Charlie Brown missed football kick move.

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    Charlie Brown missed football kick move.

    I did one to perfection today at hockey. I strongly suggest avoiding this move. Skating with puck and relative speed, move around one dude, moving around the next..he pokes it just to my side a bit. Do a quick turn - balance a bit thing skates go flying in the air...

    It was like slow mo. I land on my back and shoulders - immediate acute pain... then clear memory of a separate incident - head smacking hard on ice. Winded.... hurting. Roll over and scrape myself up (this isn't soccer) and head to bench. Wind coming back laying on bench....can breath now. So I sit up and since we only have 3 D a D guy is coming to bench and waving for me...

    Fak, why not. 15 more mintues....

    In the dressing room I have a headache and a couple beer.. Get up - balance problems...not severe. Have a big work related scmooze fest to go to downtown to which I invited a few swinging dicks...went and had a couple double vodkas. One thing I know for sure is that tomorrow is going to suck badly...txted assistant. I'm MIA till further notice....

    Who is smart enough to pack up and go home when hurt? What is it that makes us just want to suck it up? IQ test - fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCPeter View Post
    Roll over and scrape myself up (this isn't soccer) and head to bench.

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    Soccer players pretend they're hurt. Hockey players pretend they aren't. I recently wasn't able to finish my first game ever. I made two easy saves into my pickup game and an electric shock ran through my body and I dropped to my knees. I needed guys to help me off the I've, etc.. took an hour but I made it to my truck and home where I basically couldn't walk for a week.. the week after that I was back out. Where do you play?

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    Soccer, the gentlest of sports.

    The difference between you and me .........

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    Sounds like you need one of those new $100.00 cognac-infused hotdogs.

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