What's this bike worth ? 93 katana 750
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Thread: What's this bike worth ? 93 katana 750

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    93 Kat 750

    What's this bike worth ? 93 katana 750

    Been riding my buddy's bike for a couple of years. He never rides it and now wants to sell it.

    I did a ton of work on it to get it going 2 years ago. its a 93 katana 750 with 68,000 Ks. Runs like a top, needs new tires.

    What's a fair price for this bike? Don't see a lot of old kat's on craig's list.. I think he wants to list it at $1900 but is giving me the first dibs.

    It's been a good bike, not gonna lie.. but I personally think 1900 is a little much for it considering it needs new rubber and has pretty high milage.

    I like the bike, I'd like to keep a street bike, but between my sled parts and budgeting for a trials bike, i don't have a lot of money left for a street bike...

    I guess this bike here is somewhat of a similar machine
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    Last July I bought my gsxr 1000 2003 for $3300 with 40.000km on it .
    I think that $1900 is little bit too much

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    Not that I profess to be an expert, but I think 1900 is a bit much too. You could almost get something fuel injected for that price with some bartering.

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    68,000K is not high mileage for a 19 year old bike..... 1900 might be high for a bike you nothing about, but you know the history of that one, and you have been riding it..... tell him you will give him 1500 for all the work you put into it....

    I think that's fair...
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    IMO it will be hard to sell--there is not a huge demand for older Katanas. I think he should let you have it for a grand, tops.
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