cbr? gsxr? ninja?.. choices choices
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Thread: cbr? gsxr? ninja?.. choices choices

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    cbr? gsxr? ninja?.. choices choices

    hey, im looking for a new bike ( will be to me ) in the $3500 and under range. I am looking at 90-93 bikes usually, ranging from cbrs, gsxrs, ninjas, fzrs all the types of bikes back then that are in the price range. All i want is a decent bike, mine right now is an old 81 250 suzuki... so anything will be good. I am looking in the 600 range mostly, but if a bike with the right price came around i would even reach up at the 750s. I have been riding for a year and have pretty good experience, so i think i should be able to handle those bikes.. but which was best back then? what parts were falling off of what? what came out of the factory with pos parts? and had to be replaced? i dont really want to spend money on buying old magazines, so i am hoping that you guys will be able to help me out a lil... and if you know anyone who is selling a bike in my range let me know, i am keeping my eye on buysell and the for sale forum here....


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    88-90 gixxer 750 is a good bike, its a bit heavy, but it has comparable power to modern 600's and handles pretty nice (with modern rubber) it was my first bike in fact. Talk to VanCityRider about his one, (its my old gixxer) he was selling it earlier, dont know whats up with it now.

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    gixxers are the way to go man. i learned on a 88 last summer and bought an 89 just like 2 months ago. I think there a great first bike. Lots of power, good handleing (only 420 lbs dry wieght) good looks for the time and ussually pretty cheap. Be careful though cause a lot of em have had the shit ragged outta them. buy that 89 on the site thats in the buy and sell pages.
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    kawi's are good too i had a 94 that i naver had problems with and had alot of poop to it

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    I had a '93 CBR and loved it. It is an all around good bike which inspires confidence which will make you a better rider.
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    Karl Hungus
    All of these suggestions are good. Buy the bike in the best condition that you can afford. Any early 90's Japanese bike, bar a Katana, is a good buy if it's been looked after. GSXR's are great but they are more likely to have be abused so check them out extra carefully.

    And good luck prying Jamie's AKA "VanCityRider" Gixxer away from him, last I heard he loving it and is pouring cash into upgrades on the beast.

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