Bianchi Motorsports PreGP Bike
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Thread: Bianchi Motorsports PreGP Bike

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    Bianchi Motorsports PreGP Bike

    I came across this bike and I've become very interested in it as a potential track day bike. It's made by a French company and it comes in what they called PreGP spec as well as Moto3 spec. The PreGP spec is obviously a lot cheaper and uses an injected CRF250 motor instead of the NSF250 motor, lower quality suspension, brakes, wheels etc.

    According to their website, one can buy the bike in PreGP spec then upgrade to Moto3 spec over time, as parts wear out etc. It seems like a very cool bike. I think the basic bike is around $14,000 USD so it's pretty pricey but it's a GP bike so that's to be expected.

    Here's a link to their website:

    If anyone has anymore information on the bike, I would really appreciate it.

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    That gives me a..
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    My what?

    Scroll down to the KTM RC125. Drool.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgm View Post

    Scroll down to the KTM RC125. Drool.....
    Some pretty cool rides posted there.
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