Graham Jarvis A Training Day In Winter
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Thread: Graham Jarvis A Training Day In Winter

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    Talking Graham Jarvis A Training Day In Winter

    Yowza! Totally coolio! This is what I aspired to do back in the early 70's!

    I give you...

    Graham Jarvis A Training Day In Winter

    via Motomethod.

    Ride Schmengie ride!!!

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    Jarvis is a really good rider... British trials champ, multi year competitor on the World Trials Championship circuit at one time... I think he may even have won the Scottish 6 day.

    I could look it up, but I'm too lazy. He was really good in the slick riding conditions as is all the british riders, that is for sure.
    Long Live Shervin Of The North!

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    music is way too chill, I fell asleep watching that video!

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