Feb 25th, Saturday from 6-9 in Chilliwack
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Thread: Feb 25th, Saturday from 6-9 in Chilliwack

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    Feb 25th, Saturday from 6-9 in Chilliwack

    If you're looking for something to do and are in the Chilliwack area......

    From 6-9 at the Kroissant Kaffe (One of the only coffee shops with Motorcycle magazines laying around) LIVE MUSIC from Damian Brennan.


    Damian is playing by donation and will be donating all proceeds to the family of an 8 yr old boy who can't afford Hockey. A full set of gear has already been donated.

    Kroissant Kaffe is on Promantory at the corner of Teskey and Promanory in the little strip mall. In the spring will also be hosting the 1st annual motorcycle show and shine......stay tuned. Lots of give aways.

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    If the weather is nice I will try and make a point of this, poor kids getting to play hockey is a real favourite cause for me.....
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    I'll see if I can pop down too.

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