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    FS: Vintage Momo design helmet

    Selling a vintage helmet (looks to be from around late 80s early 90s I'm guessing), never used. Made by Momo design in Italy. It's not a racer replica or anything, but it's a pretty cool looking helmet from back in the day. Although it's never been used, I can't say I'd recommend using it. Just a nice display piece for a collector of such things. You get the helmet (of course), the original box, and the cloth storage bag. Here's a description taken from the outside of the box...

    "SILK AND LEATHER. No synthetic material would be acceptable on a product of this quality. That's why the interior is 100% pure silk. The advantages are more than just supreme comfort. Silk offers increased protection against extremes of temperature. Leather -not chemically manufactured vinyl- is used on the sealing stem, chin support and neck padding. Not just any leather, but soft, natural finegrain hide.

    AERO STYLE. Modern air management techniques have produced a helmet of great aerodynamic efficiency. Momo stylists have combined form and function with fashion to produce a striking helmet that's as comfortable as it is efficient. Advanced aerodynamics and air tight sealing combine to considerably reduce wind-noise, while the wedge profile offers supreme neck comfort.

    VISION SPLENDID. The Momo Design visor is ratchet adjustable with one finger fastening and sealing. It gives a wide lateral field of visibility and very effective internal aeration. Special anti-scratch treatment is, of course, a standard feature."

    Yours for $100 or best offer.
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