Value of 2001 600cc at end of 2003 season???

View Poll Results: Value of 2001 600cc bike at end of 2003 season?

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Thread: Value of 2001 600cc at end of 2003 season???

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    Value of 2001 600cc at end of 2003 season???

    need some feedback to plan ahead. ur help is much here it goes...better explain this well to avoid confusion. how much do you think a 2001 600cc bike would be worth USED (usually priced the same despite make/model, right?? or close at least). NOT how much YOU would buy it for, but how much do you think it is WORTH. lets say for the sake of argument, 25,000kms, private sale (one tax), dropped once or twice (minor stuff), new rubber, at the CLOSE TO THE END of the 2003 season (mid-late august), completely stock.

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    What kind of bike? It makes a difference...

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    it maybe makes a difference in terms of personal preference, but just asking for a ballpark figure here. the prices of the 2001 600s are pretty much the same, plus or minus 500 bucks (i think), and i dont think it would make much of a diff, if personal preference is not a factor. correct me if im wrong on this one.

    again, my question is, what is the bike WORTH, NOT how much YOU would pay for it.

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    Hmm I dont' know... IMO I do think the type of bike matters. Say if you have a 2001 R6 and now with the totally redesigned R6 out there in the market, your bike would probably worth less than it should be. I think whenever the new generation is out, the old generation's price drops a lot.
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    Herb Lipschnitz
    When you say "worth" it means real cash value: what a dealer would pay right now to buy it from you. Are you looking for retail? The poll isn't helping and there are a few delusional people who I hope are buying when I'm selling.

    Anyway, have you contacted a dealer? I just look at the fact you can pick up last years GSXR6s and ZX6s new at dealers for $9999. Ya, ya, ya, plus, plus, plus...buyers don't see that. So what would you pay, for now, a two year old model with solid mileage on it after all the warm and dry weather is giving way to the colder wetter season? Seriously, on a clean low mile bike I think $8,500 is the reasonable high mark. Quick sale $7500 to $8.

    I know that 2000 model CBR's, ZX6's could be had for under $8k in Sept last year (a buddy bought an '00 CBR with under 5000kms on it for $7800). Too many variables. If you want to sell it quick at that time of year you can't afford to sit on a high price or you'll be storing it till next May.

    Have you ever counted the number of CBR's in the buy&sell at that time of's hilarious. One week I counted 26 CBR600s from 89 to 2002 models, most of which were f4s and 4i's.

    With 25000kms, '01 model, $7500 tops at that time of year. If you look to sell in August as you suggest you have a few weeks to ask 10% more IMO.

    What's it really worth? I'd say $6k

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    I'd say from my experience that it would be worth anywhere from $7000 to $9000 depending on how well the damage from it being dropped was repaired, whether service records can be provided, and most of all how clean and looked after the bike looks. First impressions go a long way when your selling something.
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    I think Mr. Lipschnitz is right on the money. In actual fact the bike is worth about 6000$, if you go to a dealer and tell them you want to sell they'd offer you 5500-6000$. Could go even a wee bit lower, but keep in mind they are trying to turn around and sell this bike at a profit. 25000kms will scare off a lot of buyers on a 600, thats about my buy or no buy point too. Not that the bikes worn out, just that you don't know how its been serviced and ridden and I'd rather buy a bike that I will do the majority of the riding and service on. 600's are a harsh market for sellers. Not saying consider other bikes, we had an R6 and sold it for what we paid for it and got 1500$+ worth of gear out of it. This was selling in the same season we bought however so this figure is of little interest to you. So expect to take a big hit when selling time comes, the only bikes out there that hold they're value at all decent are duc's, buell's, and some high end jap bikes like the rc 51, I know I'm missing some, I'm not gonna list through agusta's and all. Even then the depreciation is just a little less steep, still can be brutal. My overlength understated opinion. Angus.

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    I give you 5 dollah!

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    Just go to the local dealers and check out their used bikes compare and lower your price by 500 bucks give or take I guess apparently my 2001 600 is worth only 6000 (IF) it's in good condition but they turn around and sell it back out for around 8000

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    holy normal distribution batman!

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    Originally posted by VikingDude
    holy normal distribution batman!
    LOL! Slightly postive skew, I'd say...but very slight.

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    Originally posted by Litre-Eater
    What kind of bike? It makes a difference...
    What kind makes ~all~ the difference.....

    Way too many variables that affect the price.
    You could be looking at a number that is +/- $2000
    like someone had already mentioned.
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    A bike, or any other good, is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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    I went to renew my car insurance today and asked to see the ICBC black book price for motorcycles. For 2002 Honda F4i, is $11,399. (this is how much you will get from icbc if something happens to the bike, but only if you declared at this value) and the wholesale price is (I don't remember) $7,300. or $7,600.
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    Wow... a 2002 Honda F4i's book value is $11,399? Damn...

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