Previous post on Warm 'n' Dry, now a report on the Air gloves.

Essentially a shorty glove, Pittards leather on the palms (similar to the Steve) and the entirety of the gripping side of the fingers with mesh on the back of the thumb and all four fingers. Knuckles are padded and double layer of leather.
Made in Hungary.
A light glove, perfect for hot weather, albeit lacking some of the protection available in a non mesh glove.
Fit is instantly "broken in," likely due to the construct of the leather with the mesh backing.
Velcro retaining strap is on the upper side of the wrist (as opposed to the Warm 'n' Dry's, which is on the inside) to ensure retention in an unfortunate gravity surge.

This feels and looks like a quality glove, designed to keep air flow around the hands/wrists, with a reduction in absolute protection that a full leather glove would provide.

I've had my Steve's for over 10 years, and am still wearing them, so if I get 1/2 that time out of these, I'll have considered them a winner.