Borrow your ODB2 code reader for a minute?
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Thread: Borrow your ODB2 code reader for a minute?

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    Borrow your ODB2 code reader for a minute?

    Another cage electrical problem. Engine cuts out and even stalls at idle. RPM consistency has gotten progressively worse the last few days. Curious that it has appeared just after my battery issue. I'm hoping it's a spark plug or lead and not the timing but before I work on it reading the code would help.

    Is there anyone in the Vancouver area who would like a 3 minute visit this week, at pretty much any time up to midnight?


    ps I was waiting for a sale on a good unit but think I'll just pick up a cheapie from geartaker.

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    Check your alternator? A dead battery can cause the alternator to overwork, and die as well.
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    I have a borrowed Acrtron CP9125 OBD II Pocket Scan.
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