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    250cc - 400?cc

    I'm sure there are plenty of us who ride 250+ Sports Bikes or Dual Purpose (under 600cc), truth be told, I'm talking about the smaller side... cc wise.

    My point is, is that I'd like to meet people in my 'cc' class!

    I'm not about tearing it up, I really don't want to see how fast my bike really is... (though under the proper...) I would like to form a local group of the same class, for meets and planned rides.

    I ride a Honda CBR 250R, I ride to enjoy where I'm going and then coming back (as far as, Squamish or Whistler, and then back), lets face it, on a small bike like this... just how far do you want to go?

    Is anyone out there?

    Maybe I should start a poll...

    PM me with your thoughts... I need to know.


    I live in the Gastown area of Vancouver.
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