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    Remembering Corey (Xyban)

    So it's been 10 years just about this summer since out friend Corey passed. I know we've seen a number of riders die since we've been on this site but this one is the one that made me rider smarter. I didn't say slower, but I will say smarter. And it wasn't right away either. It took some time before I could really come to terms with it - and I didn't share much at all.

    BCSB was different back in 2002. It just started, and there were only a handfull of active people on the site - maybe 100 members and just about everyone was excited and active and fairly new to riding. If you go back and look at the threads from 2002 you'll find a pretty clear indication that it was a tight group. We all had each others phone numbers and met up regularly for rides and food and any other excuse we could come up with.

    But for me personally, I connected with Corey as a friend. He was perhaps the first person I'd met in my life that had nothing but good in his heart, and to this day I'm not sure I've met anyone quite like that. We rode regularly. Sometimes just out to Hope, sometimes further. We took the opportunities to enjoy the open road where we could - but he'd often know just when to slow it down again. One upping each other a bit and while not being complete hooligans.

    His girlfriend Lani was shy. She'd come out from time to time but I wouldn't really get to know her until after he passed.

    Corey died by reportedly going around a pickup that was slowing and then turned off into a driveway. He didn't make it around the pickup. His helmet supposedly came off and I don't know the final report.

    Sadness ensued. Adam Lowe called me late that night to tell me what was going on. We all did a ride out to the site the next evening.

    It was really silent out there. My wife came with me. We all sorta sat around. Not a lot of talking about stuff but a lot of sitting. Some newspaper guy showed up and we told him fuck off. How dare he try to talk to us, we were sad!

    The days passed, a number of us went to his funeral in the pooring rain. We were late and probably ripped the family apart showing up late like a bunch of young motorcycle assholes, and in full gear. I'm sure they appreciated the support, but I'm sure we were hard to see too. A bit later when it was nicer out we all met at the family house and had a big get together. Lani invited us out and many more showed and I'm pretty sure this pic's from that night, Adam Lowe running the show as per usual:

    Of course - let me add that 5 of us got pulled over for doing over 140km/h on the 99 on the way home. That's just how smart we were? It took me a while to re-think how I rode. But it did happen, and I credit Corey with helping me get there and probably allowing me to be alive today.

    Lani, another amazing person - used the site for therapy or just wanted to maintain friendships with those who knew him? Or something. I'm not sure how she did it but she stuck around. She ran a flower business for a few years and ended up meeting the true love of her life here: David Boone. Lani, for those that knew her then but lost track, passed earlier this year from her fight with breast cancer. She's survived by Boone and their child. These people were young.

    This weekend I was cleaning out the garage. And I haven't rode a bike for a few years so I started going through the motorcycle 'stuff' boxes. In there I found bags of stickers - some bcsb stickers, some brand ones, and a pile of xyban rip 77-02 ones. Couldn't believe it's been 10 years. Lani gave me an amazing picture of Corey that I still have.

    I'm sort of just remembering things here and wanted to share, and welcome anyone that has any memories of that time to add their own.

    RIP Xyban and mzelle, my friends Corey & Lani.
    My sincere thoughts go to their families, and David and son.

    Lani's blog here:
    BCSB- Administrator

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    I remember.
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    Great that you meet people in life like Lani. We lost one just like him (Jana) last year over here on the island. The good ones go and the not so good stay, puzzles the mind.

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    I never had the pleasure of meeting Corey but your words about what this site was like back in the day and the effect of the passing of some of the early members from this site resonate with me. Thank you for sharing.

    I know becoming a father sure changed the way I look at a lot of things; one of them being the manner in which I ride a motorcycle. It probably also the reason I'm welling up reading what happened to Lani and her family. I'm sure that her son is loved but losing your mom at such a young age (both her and him), jeez.
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    That story is pretty heavy on the heart.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    I remember that well, it was a real bummer.

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    Thank you.
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    yes i remember when it happened. very sad story. if i'm not mistaken Julia helped organize ride to the site. had no idea Lani passed away. that's just terrible. she was a quiet, nice person. RIP

    many good people are gone...
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    I, too, joined shortly after the accident and recognized immediately how special an individual he must have been given the level of sadness that still permeated the site. He was a credit to himself and his family.
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    Wow this makes me sad. I really miss those people who we have lost over the years. Some doing what we all love and we also had one or two taken wrongly from us. I remember a few people from when I lived over here, and I remember a few people from over on the Island. Too many to single out anyone more than another.

    Thanks Xyban for keeping an eye on us.
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    A memorable tribute... Thanks Adam!
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