Do You Have School-Age Kids?
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Thread: Do You Have School-Age Kids?

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    Do You Have School-Age Kids?

    This is a free educational site which is excellent for math, science, geometry, etc. All grades. Math stumps a lot of students and often requires visual hands on instruction with a great deal of practice. Once your son or daughter gets into grade 10 math it gets quite challenging. Perhaps this might help. It's an American site and touted by Bill Gates. Supported by the Gates Foundation. Many of my ex-colleagues use it. It's not a five minute exploration.

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    Let's just get this out of the way:

    Khan is a great resource. In related news, M.I.T is also trying out a free online course, should grade 10 maths prove unchallenging
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    Best scene ever.


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    Khan academy is definitely on to something, there are classes in Texas I think trying his material to very positive results. His TED talk is great.

    My daughter started using a number line to do simple addition at 4 years old after watching his videos.

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    This is a good video is a good site to get worksheets for practice for primary grades in math, spelling, reading, & comprehension. There are some good materials from preschoolers to grade 5. is a good online practice. They have their practice based on grade levels but don't believe the grade level too much as they've made the questions easier for that grade, so some kids don't get discouraged too easily.

    There are bunch of other good sites we used in the past but can't remember, so others might want to chime in?

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    Khan Academy?? what? there is no William Shatner School???
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    Quote Originally Posted by vstromgreg View Post
    khan academy?? What? There is no william shatner school???
    denny crane!!!!

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    I stopped reading when it listed something in Lbs.

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    I'm half kidding, but there is a lot of information there.

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