Worst Bike You've Owned.
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Thread: Worst Bike You've Owned.

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    Worst Bike You've Owned.

    Probably good for a laugh, I'd like to hear about the one bike that made you shake your head in dis-belief and/or financial hardship.

    My personal story on this subject has to be my new 1988 Euro pec Ducati 750 Paso. A perfectly comfortable sport-tourer with trend setting [if polarizing] styling by Massimo Tamburini [Ducati 916 designer]. I loved the styling. My bike was the last bike sold by Willie Leavett when he was the sole Ducati dealer in town, at Victoria and Kingsway. I had to pay in full, and wait 4 months to have it shipped in. Everything was fine for the first 3 months, although, Dec, Jan, Feb, meant I could only ride it minimally. The bike quickly developed a 'personality', often not wanting to run on both cylinders, and quickly developed bodywork cracks everywhere. Of course Willie was closed down then, so no Ducati dealers in BC for 1 1/2 yrs until Gary Goodfellow and Glen Aire setup Goodfellow Motorsports, Gilley & Kingsway. They were not happy campers when I walked in, they had to deal with this shitebox bike. The parts dept was happy to order me a new body panel around the headlight under warranty. That took 2 months. The day it arrived and I picked it up, I new right away it was for the 906 Paso and not the 750. The parts guy went crazy, and threw it like a frizbee across the row of helmets into the wall, exploding. I gave him a week to cool off before coming in again. By this time, the bike has 2000kms on it, the gearbox had jambed up, output bearing seized, and Gord McMartin was on his second rebuild of the thing, the second time on 'my dime' as the 2 yr warranty had expired. Well, it still was jambing up. Then the clutch flew apart. 2 1/2 yrs of jumping on my good reliable KZ750 Kawi because the Ducati was dead,,,,,I couldn't deal with it anymore. I actualy wanted the exact opposite of this bike, so traded it in against a new BMW GS, which I still have with 120,000kms.

    My days with an Italian bike gone, this experience almost kept me away from Italian forever,,,,,and has kept me way from post bevel drive Ducatis forever.


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    In 20 years, and around to 25 bikes; I've owned many Kawasaki's, Honda's and Suzuki's, one BMW, (and two small Yamaha dirt bikes), and have never once had a mechanical or electrical problem of any kind.

    The one bike I shake my head at was my '92 ZX-7, and how unholy uncomfortable the thing was. Plus it ate tires every 3000 kms, which I attribute to a bent frame.
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    posing with one of my zukes at 7/11
    a suzisomething
    all the street bikes i have owned i still have. both my gsxr's i built up from a naked frame
    and my tlr was an electrical nightmare from previous hack artists working on it.i fixed the wiring on it
    and i can honestly say with all of them have been reliable and fun.
    no regrets.

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    a Honda elisnore 250 pure dirt....

    2 stroke beast fouled plugs if not ran at the redline most the time, had a tendency to wheelie over on top of me if i was not carefull, the kickstart lever would kick back so hard one time it tore my boot in half.....

    never had so much fun having so many problems at any other time in my life....

    not mine, but looks the same
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    Peewee and Kevin from Bayside should get together and start a bike shop called, Fuck you and the bike you rode in on.

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    I can't remember the year, but a 70's Honda CB550 (if I remember correctly) four. It had carb and electrical gremlins, sometimes would start and sometimes wouldn't. The only bike, out of 20+ Japanese bikes that has given me any real issues.
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    Not a bike but a scooter, an early 70's Lambretta 200 Jet....what a POS, sold that sucker and bought a 200 vespa electronic...ooooh technology...lol. The Vespa was very reliable

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    my bad ...

    I've never really had a 'bad bike' at all. But I had a pair of Authier skis that I absolutely didn't like. They were stiff, twitchy, unresponsive, insensitive (didn't transfer a good feeling of the snow through to the foot) and generally not fun.

    One of them came off in the trees off to the side of Goat's Gulley run on Whistler in DEEP powder one day, and though I dug and dug and searched for hours (for a ski I hated) ... I never did find it.

    Until late July that follwing summer, when a buddy and I hiked up the runs to just past mid-station, where the ski had been lost ... and lo and behold - there it was, still in the forest. It was a little corroded from being outside for so long, but not too much worse for wear.

    Those skis then became my offcial rock skis, and oh how they suffered for it. I do remember, that my friend found and old discarded car tire in the pucker-brush at the very top of the Goat's Gulley ski run, and he set it upright and pushed it off down the gulley ... and it bounced and rolled down that mountain in greater and greater leaps for as far as one could see it ... boing, boing, boing ...


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    That is a pretty good story Steve. I can't really say I've ever had a bike that was a headache.

    I'm not very tolerant of waiting ages for parts, so I must confess "backordered from Japan, eta is 2 months" would be enough to have me purchasing another bike to eliminate precious downtime in the riding season.
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    81 kz750. It was only a bad bike because I bought it as my first for $250.00. It had been parked for years and had some severe problems. Orginally the floats were stuck and would cause gas to come pouring out the overflows on the carbs and the brake fluid had jellied up causing the brakes to seize. Got those issues fixed and continued to ride it. If I rode it in city traffic the front brakes would slowly seize so I carried a mini wrench in my pocket.. when the brakes seized i'd pull over and bleed the brakes and continue. Eventually my keys flew out of the ignition as I was racing for the ferry so I had to wire in a switch under the seat to interupt the battery. It got backed over by a delivery van at work and was very bent so I sold it to Al at Performance and bought another bike.. years later I saw it on the ferry.. still going! although it had a cracked block and leaked oil constantly.. so much that the guy said "he never changes the oil.. just adds more"
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    I had two bikes that drove me nuts ..one was back in the late 70s, a '71 Triumph I would spend 20 min. kickstarting but once it started it ran fine and my recent '86 GPZ400 , it left me stranded twice just wouldn't start and I never figured it out, probably weak coils. I would't have it any other way ...life would be to easy
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    I haven't had a worst bike either but usually the "worst" are also the most interesting.

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    Original Honda 750 Interceptor.

    5 sets of cams. Say no more.

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    I have had 2 yamaha's, 2 Suzuki's, 2 Honda's and 2 Ducati's and never a problem! All were brand new except the first and last and I wish I had kept them all!
    Maybe my next will end up being the worst?

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    I've owned many bikes over the years, and none really gave me issue except my 2004 KTM 950 Adventure. My first 4 rides I had 5 mechanichal breakdowns. It wasn't comfortable for a ride longer than an hour, and anything I did have to replace was ridiculously expensive. Replaced it with my current BMW K1200R, and loving it!
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    Of The many bikes I’ve had the “worst”, and that is a relative term (it was still a lot of fun), was a pre-unit Triumph Bonnie’. If you were to look up “Tank Slapper” in a motorcycle glossary you’d find the reference –“see Paul’s Bonnie’”. Things were forever coming loose and falling off. I gave up trying to retrieve turn signals and just removed the last one. It needed the ignition re-timing every couple of days – I had a little toolkit for just that purpose and got it down to a 5 minute task. I eventually decide to sell it when the front brake locked on in the middle of traffic in town! The thing is it had a character, and living with, and accepting its flaws and limitations was not a problem.

    “Character” is a term often used to excuse the shortcomings of a couple of well known European Marques, which, whilst looking very pretty outside a Starbucks, are definitely high maintenance and less than perfect in many respects
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