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    New Media Design

    My bro is finishing up his schooling and will be looking for work relating to his new found education.
    The course; New Media Design at BCIT
    I've seen a fair amount of post's regarding this techie stuff and I was hoping to get some insight into the industry for him. ( he does'nt know I'm doing this ) His course covered video/audio editing, animation, web design and the internet and the law. ( amongst other things ). He's quite passionate with this stuff and I'd like to see him pursue this in a professional manner.
    My question: Does anyone know where he may find work?
    Anyone need a web page designed?
    You see, he has a job but is in debt for his education.
    The company he works for is asking for huge concessions and he fears a strike is looming. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, I'd like to say that I did the same course at BCIT that ended October 2002. It was very intensive - yet I don't feel that we came even close to embracing the full extent of "New Media". Tell him that he still has a LOT to learn and that he MUST continually update his skills and programs. But most of all - don't become discouraged. The job market is so poor right now - web designers are a dime a dozen. However, if he keeps his head up and works on his portfolio - he'll make it.

    Most of my classmates and I have not found jobs in the industry. A lot of us have become entrepreneurs; working for ourselves. If he's so inclined to do so - that might be an option (awesome tax breaks). Otherwise, he's gonna have to roll up his sleeves and look hard. Take ALL opportunities that arise - no matter how small. I could tell you where he has to look but I'm sure that he knows just as much as I do since we had the same teachers!!

    Many of us from my class (including myself) are going back to school. We are specialising our skills to one particular subject in the IT field. That's another option - although VERY costly.

    Through this program - I've realised that I HATE web design. (I know I coulda tried to figure that out before spending $10,000) but it lead me in the direction that I wanted. So, if I do run into a web design opportunity - I'll keep your brother in mind (since gawd knows I won't be takin' it). If you have any questions, just ask me. Tell your brother I said "good luck!"

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    I wish.
    To comment: I don't think any course that encompased web design, 3D stuff, animation, video editing and such (unless it was a 15 year course) could possibly touch on any of those subjects with any real quality training.

    Each of those subjects becomes such a mindfuck (excuse the term) in itself. 3D alone has at least 3-4 specialties (modeling, animation, etc..). It's good to know a bit of everything though I suppose and find out what you truely like and delve into that.

    Good luck to him!
    BCSB- Administrator

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    Karl Hungus
    My parents are wanting a webpage done up for their B&B in the Okanagan in the next few weeks. I was going to help them with this but I've been very busy, so if your Bro is interested P.M. me. I can't offer too much money for it but I'd pay cash and it's something he could add to his resume.

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    yeah, what adam said, that's a retardedly vague course. tell him to pick an avenue he enjoys the most and focus on that for the time being. I've been animating for 2 1/2 years and I'm just now finding the time to persue other interests. good money in online database stuff, if that's his bag.

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    (assuming his new media program didn't have back end programming)

    If I were him, and really wanted to pursue web design take up some back-end scripting language or another language that supports server side programming.

    Let it be PHP, ASP.NET, Java, either of them have great online tutorials.

    I know a couple web designers still out there, and they know at least one or two back-end languages. And I know a MILLION web designers that can do only HTML, even my 12 year old cousin (I dont have one, but these days every lil kid seems to know HTML).

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    Thanks everyone. Some good info to pass on here. I've gotten some useful PM's too so thanks for them as well. If you've got something more I'd be interested so keep em coming

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