Vital Bolts
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    Vital Bolts

    ok, during my complete teardown of everything, some startingly loose bolts were discovered, some not too important, others a lil' more concern-worthy, like the ones that hold the swingarm on - not exactly what you want coming undone while bootin' around..

    so looking for a list of the 'vital bolts' that should be dipped in locktite or whatever..
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    A TL owner always has Locktite blue in the toolbox .

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    some of those bolts arnt really as necessary

    boone did tons of riding around with missing bolts, had one of his subframe mount bolts fall out even lol

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    I've had most of my bike apart too and the only bolts that had locktight on them were the brake rotor and caliper bolts. As long as everything is torqued properly when going back together, I don't see the need of locktighting anything else.

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