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    givi bags

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Give hard bags used once,good shape. new $500.00. asking $350.00 more pics and info Darcy 250-574-7134 Kamloops

    Givi-V35 Tech Monokey Side Case (PLX) 35 Lt

    Part Number: 076801

    The V35 Monokey Side Case reduces the overall width, the inclined support (PLX), and the new profile of the bottom shell allows a closer fit to the motorcycle, thus considerably improving the aerodynamic aspect.

    •V35 sidecases are NOT large enough to carry most XL full-face helmets, but will accommodate most smaller helmets.
    •The pair of sidecases comes keyed-alike from the factory.
    •Weight capacity is 22 lbs per sidecase.

    Dimensions - 52.6cm L x 31.6cm W x 39.4cm H

    •A pair of side-cases is ideal for mid/long range trips
    •Can only be mounted to PLX sideracks
    •The V35 tech is the same case as the standard V35 but they have Clear reflectors on the rear of the case and they do not have colour options for the lids.

    Suggested Price: $569.99 SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Our Price: $492.99
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