2002 Audi allroad
Secure underground parking
not-so-secure last night after a crowbar key was used
7 vehicles ransacked

Mine was the only one they actually tried to steal but the stock immo did its job. I've had the car 3 years and have been procrastinating to flash the ECU with the S4 tune. It's a 2.7 twin turbo quattro wagon so the S4 tuning would help immensely. Due to my laziness the stock anti-theft was still intact and not written over with new code.

My vag is raw because I'm faced with the reality that the cost of repair will likely equal my deductible.

But at least I'll get to ride the bike a bit while it's being fixed. Hardly winning though.

I got the spinless d*cks on video. Hopefully something will come of it but I'm not going to hold my breath.